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flv.js - HTML5 FLV Player

  •    Javascript

This project relies on Media Source Extensions to work. flv.js works by transmuxing FLV file stream into ISO BMFF (Fragmented MP4) segments, followed by feeding mp4 segments into an HTML5 <video> element through Media Source Extensions API.

hlsjs-p2p-engine - A free hls

  •    Javascript

All domain names that are not bound in the management system (https://oms.cdnbye.com) will stop providing P2P services. Please bind your domain names in time to avoid being affected. Put the quick-start.html in your web page, run it. Wait for a few seconds´╝îthen open the same page from another browser. Now you have a direct P2P connection between two browsers without plugin! The first web peer will serve as a seed, if no one else in the same channel.

rx-player - Smooth/DASH HTML5 Video Player

  •    TypeScript

The Rx-player is a library implementing a DASH and Microsoft Smooth Streaming video player directly on the browser, without plugins. It relies on HTML5 Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media extensions and is written in TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. It is currently used in production for premium services and targets several devices, such as computers, phones, but also set-top-boxes, smart TVs and other peculiar environments.

vidi - <video> playback simplified

  •    TypeScript

The browser world is highly fragmented, and browser vendors all have their own preferences and priorities regarding video encoding standards and adaptive streaming methods. This results in a lack of compatiblity between browsers, with each browser supporting some methods while providing no support for other methods. vidi makes it easy dealing with otherwise complex <video> playback scenarios.

jmuxer - jMuxer - a simple javascript mp4 muxer for non-standard streaming communications protocol

  •    Javascript

jMuxer - a simple javascript mp4 muxer for non-standard streaming communications protocol. Basically it does not care about communication protocol and it is simply a javscript mp4 remuxer intended to pay media file in the browser using media source extension. It expects raw H264 video data and AAC audio data in ADTS container as an input. It was needed to play raw H264 and AAC data coming from live streaming encapsulated into a custom transport container in a project. Each chunk would contain its duration, audio data and video data with simple 4 bytes header. Please check example section to check packet format. After struggling several days with few open source projects like hls.js, I have eneded up to make a new one that would be more simpler and minimalist to achieve my goal.

poc-mp4-websocket - Streaming MP4 over Websocket using BMFF

  •    Javascript

Proof of concept to demonstrate streaming with websockets. Actually, don't work with firefox and edge, needs more research.

nginx-rtmp-module-vagrant - HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) server based on the nginx-rtmp-module, ffmpeg and the html video element

  •    Shell

This is a HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) server based on the nginx-rtmp-module, ffmpeg and the html video element. HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) uses the MPEG-2 Transport Stream (MP2T) to transport H.264 video and AAC/MP3 audio. On the browser, via JavaScript, MP2T is transmuxed into the ISO BMFF Byte Stream Format and feed to the html video element via Media Source Extensions (MSE).

video-server - Server which connects to set of existing RTSP's and provides HLS/MSE-based streams.

  •    Go

Simple WS/HTTP server for re-streaming video (RTSP) to client in MSE/HLS format. For HLS-based player go to hls-subdirectory.

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