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pushd - Blazing fast multi-protocol mobile and web push notification service

  •    CoffeeScript

Pushd is a pluggable unified push server for server-side notification to mobile native apps, web apps etc. With pushd you can send push notifications to any supported mobile platform, web app or HTTP server from a single entry point. Pushd takes care of which device is subscribed to which event and is designed to support an unlimited amount of subscribable events.At first launch, your app must register with the push notification service to get a registration id. It then provides this registration id to pushd in exchange for a subscriber id (This subscriber id will be used with all further communications with pushd). Some informations can be sent with the request to pushd like: subscriber language, version or current badge value.

push-notify - Easily send notifications over multiple protocols (apn, gcm, c2dm, mpns).

  •    Javascript

Easily send notifications over several protocols. Additional fields can be found in node-apn documentation.

mpns - Node

  •    Javascript

A Node.js module for sending toast and live tile updates to Windows Phones through the Microsoft Push Notification Service (MPNS), used by apps such as 4th & Mayor and services such as Azure Mobile Services. For the best cloud development experience, make sure to store the user's OS version whenever communicating information about the push channel.

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