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Music-Player - From UI Proposal to Code :notes::arrow_forward:

  •    Java

Some developers have difficult to code when the UI proposal is a bit “sophisticated” or “complex”. Many of them strip a lot of significant portion of the UI or even the Motion when they are coding, and the result ends up quite different of the original proposal. This article talks about how would be to code an UI proposal, skipping some basic Android details and focusing on transition and animation approach...

ant-motion - :bicyclist: Animate specification and components of Ant Design

  •    Javascript

Animation specification and components of Ant Design. Ant Motion is a motion design specification from Ant Design, and also provide a complete solution with lots of out-of-box animations for your React applications.

theatre - Motion design editor for the web

  •    TypeScript

Theatre.js is an animation library for high-fidelity motion graphics. It is designed to help you express detailed animation, enabling you to create intricate movement, and convey nuance. Theatre can be used both programmatically and visually.

motion-ui-design - Resources for inspiration, lists of software, libraries and other stuff related to Motion UI design, animations and transitions


List of all possible software that can produce UI animations separated by using technologies and result format (video, prototype, code etc) with links of must-see tutorials and plugins.

free_gait - An Architecture for the Versatile Control of Legged Robots

  •    C++

NOTICE: This software is not supported anymore! The authors of this software have changed their affiliation and do not work on this project anymore. Please excuse any inconvenience this might cause. If you are interested in working with the ANYmal robot, please reach out to ANYbotics. Free Gait is a software framework for the versatile, robust, and task-oriented control of legged robots. The Free Gait interface defines a whole-body abstraction layer to accommodate a variety of task-space control commands such as end effector, joint, and base motions. The deļ¬ned motion tasks are tracked with a feedback whole-body controller to ensure accurate and robust motion execution even under slip and external disturbances. The application of this framework includes intuitive tele-operation of the robot, efficient scripting of behaviors, and fully autonomous operation with motion and footstep planners.

Flare-Swift - Swift runtime for Flare.

  •    Swift

Flare is a powerful design and animation tool for app and game designers alike. The primary goal of Flare is to allow designers to work directly with assets that run in their final product, eliminating the need to redo that work in code. Only Binary format is supported right now, but JSON support is in the works.

ux-animate - A simple but powerful tweening, spring physics, animation library for Rust

  •    Rust

UX Animate is an animation library for the UX Framework and Angular Rust. For now, these are also the Rust bindings for the Clutter library. But we plan to implement it in pure Rust for more performance, control and new features. We implemented the Clutter library bindings inside the project and almost immediately took advantage of our UX-Primitives library and implemented the Canvas abstraction to work with HTML5 Canvas and Cairo.

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