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rpcx - A RPC service framework based on net/rpc like alibaba Dubbo and weibo Motan

  •    Go

go get -u -v github.com/smallnest/rpcx/...rpcx is a distributed RPC framework like Alibaba Dubbo and Weibo Motan. It is based on Go net/rpc and provides extra governance features.

rpc-benchmark - java rpc benchmark, 灵感源自 https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/

  •    Java

几乎所有的 RPC 框架都宣称自己是“高性能”的, 那么实际结果到底如何呢, 让我们来做一个性能测试吧.

rpcx-examples3 - examples for rpcx 3.0

  •    Go

If you install succeefullly, you can run examples in this repository. Enter one sub directory in this repository, go run server.go in one terminal and cd client; go run client.go in another ternimal, and you can watch the run result.

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