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moonscript - :crescent_moon: A language that compiles to Lua

  •    Lua

MoonScript is a programmer friendly language that compiles into Lua. It gives you the power of the fastest scripting language combined with a rich set of features. It runs on Lua 5.1 and above, including alternative runtimes like LuaJIT. See http://moonscript.org.

luarocks-site - LuaRocks website and module host

  •    MoonScript

The official module repository of the LuaRocks package manager for Lua. The entire site runs on OpenResty, an Nginx based platform with Lua support. The site itself is coded in MoonScript and uses Lapis as a web framework.

spook - Lightweight programmable evented utility based on LuaJIT and ljsyscall

  •    MoonScript

Spook started out as a light weight replacement for guard but has become more than that over time. It is mostly written in MoonScript, a language that compiles to Lua - with a sprinkle of C. It's built as a single binary. The ridiculously fast LuaJIT VM is embedded and compiled with Lua 5.2 compatibility. Extensions are easily written in MoonScript, which is also part of the compiled binary. While spook may seem to be geared towards running tests in a feedback loop, there are many other potential uses. For some inspiration, check out my i3bar implementation moonbar for the i3 window manager which is also using a Spookfile but is doing something very different. Otherwise the Spookfile in this repo and the examples in the readme should point you in the right direction if you're just looking for a lightweight test feedback loop runner.

gifine - Quickly record and edit gifs and videos of your desktop

  •    Lua

Gifine is a tool for recording and stitching together a short gifs or videos. It is a GTK application implemented in MoonScript using lgi. You can either load a directory of frames, or select a region of your desktop to record. After loading some frames, you can scroll through them and trim out what isn't necessary. When you've finalized the video you can export to gif or mp4.

lapis-bayes - Naive Bayes classifier for use in Lua

  •    Lua

lapis-bayes is a Naive Bayes classifier for use in Lua. It can be used to classify text into any category that has been trained for ahead of time. It's built on top of Lapis, but can be used as a standalone library as well. It requires PostgreSQL to store and parse training data.

lapis-community - Pluggable message board for Lapis powered websites

  •    MoonScript

A drop in, full featured community and comment system for lapis projects.

lua-mailgun - Lua bindings to Mailgun HTTP API

  •    MoonScript

A Lua library for sending emails and interacting with the Mailgun API. Compatible with OpenResty via Lapis HTTP API, or any other Lua script via LuaSocket. At the moment this library only implements a subset of the API. If there's an missing API method feel free to open an issue.

lua-twitter - A Lua twitter library that works with OpenResty or LuaSocket

  •    Lua

A Lua library for working with the Twitter API. This library is designed to work with either LuaSocket or OpenResty's co-sockets via Lapis. If ngx is not in scope then the library will fall back to LuaSocket for network.

pgmoon - A pure Lua Postgres driver for use in OpenResty & more

  •    MoonScript

pgmoon is a PostgreSQL client library written in pure Lua (MoonScript). pgmoon was originally designed for use in OpenResty to take advantage of the cosocket api to provide asynchronous queries but it also works in the regular Lua environment as well using LuaSocket (and optionally LuaCrypto for MD5 authentication and LuaSec for SSL connections). pgmoon can also use cqueues' socket when passed "cqueues" as the socket type when instantiating.

sightreading.training - 🎹 Sight reading training tool

  •    Javascript

Sight reading music trainer written for browsers. The successor to https://github.com/leafo/mursic.

web_sanitize - Lua library for sanitizing untrusted HTML

  •    MoonScript

A Lua library for working with HTML and CSS. It can do HTML and CSS sanitization using a whitelist, along with general HTML parsing and transformation. It also includes a query-selector syntax (similar to jquery) for scanning HTML. Any unclosed tags will be closed at the end of the string. This means it's safe to put sanitized HTML anywhere in an existing document without worrying about breaking the structure.

mpv-progressbar - A simple progress bar for mpv.

  •    MoonScript

progressbar.lua is a script for mpv that provides a small, unintrusive progress bar that persists at the bottom of the video window by default, though it can be configured to be hidden. As a consequence of how mpv handles drawing the osd, this script is not compatible with the built-in osc. If you want to use it, you should add osc=no to your mpv config.

luvit-mooncake - Express like web framework but powered by luvit.

  •    Lua

A web framework powered by luvit. Mooncake is a web framework powered by luvit. inspired by expressjs for nodejs.

opeth - Opeth is the optimizer and debug tools for Lua 5.3 VM bytecode, or Metal band

  •    MoonScript

Opeth is the optimizer and debug tools for Lua VM bytecode, or Metal band. you can use the optimizer in your scripts.

demoloops - Toolkit for building looping gif "demos" and collection of such

  •    MoonScript

Toolkit for building looping gif "demos" and collection of such. API undocumented until schedulör becomes stable.

Aegisub-Motion - Lua plugin for Aegisub auto4 that parses motion tracking data and applies it to selected subtitles

  •    MoonScript

The dream is real. The recommended method is to use DependencyControl. If you cannot use DependencyControl, however, release zips are provided. Note that the release zip versions will still use DependencyControl for automatic updating if it is available.

ijitsuki - Aegisub 3+ moonscript macros

  •    MoonScript

Adds \be1 tags to selected lines. Affects only the lines that do not have the \be or \blur tag. Adds user-specified tags to all/selected lines. 20 last used tags are remembered between sessions and may be re-applied (or just loaded) later.

lapis-systemd - systemd integration for lapis

  •    Lua

lapis-systemd is a lapis extension that lets you create systemd service files for your websites and log to the systemd journal easily. Note that the path of your project is hard-coded into the service, along with the path of the lapis binary and any Lua environment variables. If you ever move the project around or reconfigure your system you should regenerate the service file.

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