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MonoGame - Write Once, Play Everywhere


An Open Source, implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework. Our goal is to allow XNA developers to target iOS, Android, Windows 8, Mac, Linux and more!

Embeddinator-4000 - Tools to turn

  •    CSharp

Embeddinator-4000 is a tool to turn existing .NET libraries into libraries that can be consumed by other languages.It is a tool that takes a .NET assembly and generates the necessary glue to surface the .NET API as a native API. The goal is to surface .NET libraries to all ecosystems where Mono/Xamarin run, and for each platform we provide an interface that is native to that platform as well as the tools needed to turn a .NET library into something that can be consumed on that platform.



This example application demonstrates the use of MonoTouch (http://www.monotouch.net) to build an extremely simple Twitter client for the iPhone using C#. Demonstrated features include native configuration, navigation, virtualizing table cells and shake-to-edit.


  •    Silverlight

ExEn is a high-performance implementation of a subset of the XNA API that runs on Silverlight, iOS and Android.

TouchStack - A MonoTouch ServiceStack.NET client


TouchStack makes it easier for MonoTouch developers to consume Web services created and exposed by the brilliant ServiceStack.NET webservice framework. TouchStack is written in C# and uses the MonoTouch library.

Hanselminutes Monotouch iPhone App

  •    CSharp

The Hanselminutes Monotouch iPhone app is an Open Source Monotouch project to build a iPhone application using C# and the .Net Framework Mono.

MonoTouch.SlideoutNavigation - A MonoTouch slide-out UI component

  •    CSharp

Provides a facebook style slide out navigation control. The UINavigationController is built into the library and the proper buttons and slide mechanics are already setup for you. You can press "menu" button or make a right pan motion to reveal the menu. To close, you can click the former view or make a left pan motion.

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