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micromodal - ⭕ Tiny javascript library for creating accessible modal dialogs

  •    HTML

The aim of this library is to make modal dialogs accessible and easy to include in your project with minimum configuration. It's only ~1.8kb minified and gzipped - A tiny library for big change.

Modal Dialog Box implemented as pure HTML5/CSS3 solution


Modal dialog box (a.k.a. modal pop-up or "dark-box") implemented exclusively via HTML5/CSS3 features without any Javasript. Could run in any modern browser even with client scripting disabled.

Ajax Dialog Control Library

  •    DotNet

An Ajax dialog library and framework based on the AjaxControlToolkit designed to allow you to create robust Ajax dialogs quickly and effeciently with best practices.


  •    Silverlight

jSLCore is the easiest way to create business applications based on SilverLight 5. The project is still in aplha phase. But you can already create the apps with it.

popbox.js - A tiny and simple stackable modal plugin for web apps

  •    Javascript

Popbox.js is a tiny javascript plugin for creating stackable modals. It is fully customizable and dependency free.

awesome-notifications - Lightweight JavaScript Notifications Library

  •    Javascript

It's a lightweight, fully customizable JavaScript library for showing notifications. Advantages: 5kb gzipped size • no dependencies • advanced async support • fully customizable • >95% test coverage.

react-focus-lock - It is a trap! A lock for a Focus. 🔓

  •    Javascript

The way to manage your focus. The way to lock it inside. The way to team up with a11y. Make you site a better place. For everyone. You have to lock every modal dialog, that's what a11y is asking for.

sphinx-hoverxref - Tooltip with content embedded when hover an internal reference

  •    Python

sphinx-hoverxref is a Sphinx extension to add tooltips on the cross references of the documentation with the content of the linked section. This extension is currently in Beta state. This means that there may be some things not well supported or unexpected behavior. If you find any issue, please report it in the issue tracker.

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