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mobiscroll - Cross platform UI controls for progressive web and hybrid apps (plain JS, jQuery, Angular and React)

  •    CSS

Mobiscroll is a UI library for progressive webapps and hybrid development. Created with a lot of attention to usability and performance. Mobiscroll Forms ships with 15 customizable controls that you can use for free that are included in this repository. Use Forms with the premium products that can be found on the Mobiscroll website. You can use the controls in web and hybrid/native cross-platform apps. At it's core Mobiscroll is framework agnostic, but API variants for jQuery/jQuery Mobile, Angular/Ionic, Angular JS/Ionic 1 and React is available.

react-div-100vh - A React component that solves '100vh' issue in mobile browsers

  •    Javascript

This is a workaround for iOS Safari and other mobile browsers. At the top of the page, those browsers cover bottom of 100vh page with "browser chrome" (navigation/context buttons), effectively cropping it. If you have something important at the bottom of your splash screen, chances are it will not be visible/available untill a user scrolls.