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PT - PT's proxy

  •    Javascript

Well, you know, ponytown code is very bullshit and we need to proxy it for fuuun.

neural_net_handwriting - neural network for handwriting recognition from scratch in C

  •    C

A demo project to brush up my machine learning skills by writing an image recognition neural network from scratch in C. This uses a typical 3-layer multi-layer perceptron. Training time is about 3 seconds for 80% correct, and 30s for 96% correct against the competition MNIST set of hand-written digits, which is pretty speedy for a simple C program.

simple-vqa - Implements an MLP for VQA

  •    Lua

This code implements the VQA MLP basline from Revisiting Visual Question Answering Baselines. Readme is a work in progress......

pytorch_MLP_for_ASR - This code implements a basic MLP for speech recognition

  •    Perl

This code implements a basic MLP for HMM-DNN speech recognition. The MLP is trained with pytorch, while feature extraction, alignments, and decoding are performed with Kaldi. The current implementation supports dropout and batch normalization. An example for phoneme recognition using the standard TIMIT dataset is provided. Make sure that python is installed (the code is tested with python 2.7). Even though not mandatory, we suggest to use Anaconda (https://anaconda.org/anaconda/python).

python-neuron - Neuron class provides LNU, QNU, RBF, MLP, MLP-ELM neurons

  •    Python

Neuron class provides LNU (Linear Neural Unit), QNU (Quadratic Neural Unit), RBF (Radial Basis Function), MLP (Multi Layer Perceptron), MLP-ELM (Multi Layer Perceptron - Extreme Learning Machine) neurons learned with Gradient descent or LeLevenberg–Marquardt algorithm. This class is suitable for prediction on time series. Neuron class needs pandas and numpy to work propertly.

godot-mlp-models - Pony models test scene for Godot 3

  •    GDScript

A nice-looking 3D demo for Godot 3, featuring the most important pastel horses ever. Note: The demo is currently very demanding on the hardware and will probably run slowly, especially at larger resolutions.

MLP-Mixer-CIFAR10 - Implements MLP-Mixer (https://arxiv

  •    Jupyter

This repository implements MLP-Mixer as proposed in MLP-Mixer: An all-MLP Architecture for Vision. The paper introduces an all MLP (Multi-layer Perceptron) architecture for computer vision tasks. Yannic Kilcher walks through the architecture in this video. Experiments reported in this repository are on CIFAR-10.

cnns - Convolutional Neural Networks in Go

  •    Go

CNNS (Convolutional Neural Networks) is a little package for developing simple neural networks, such as CNN (you don't say?) and MLP. If you have troubles or questions please open an issue.

tiny-cuda-nn - Lightning fast & tiny C++/CUDA neural network framework

  •    C++

This is a small, self-contained framework for training and querying neural networks. Most notably, it contains a lightning fast "fully fused" multi-layer perceptron as well as support for various advanced input encodings, losses, and optimizers. For business inquiries, please contact researchinquiries@nvidia.com. For press and other inquiries, please contact Hector Marinez at hmarinez@nvidia.com.

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