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react-mixin - mixins in react with es6 style classes

  •    Javascript

React doesn't have anything built in for this, but don't worry! This package implements react's mixin strategy for arbitrary objects. 90% of the time you don't need mixins, in general prefer composition via high order components. For the 10% of the cases where mixins are best (e.g. PureRenderMixin and react-router's Lifecycle mixin), this library can be very useful.

Sortable - Sortable — is a JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists on modern browsers and touch devices

  •    Javascript

Sortable is a minimalist JavaScript library for reorderable drag-and-drop lists. You can use any element for the list and its elements, not just ul/li. Here is an example with divs.

sass-flex-mixin - Flexbox mixins

  •    CSS

A version compatible with Compass is provided by @trinonsense, on the compass branch. Licensed under MIT.

core-decorators - Library of stage-0 JavaScript decorators (aka ES2016/ES7 decorators but not accurate) inspired by languages that come with built-ins like @​override, @​deprecate, @​autobind, @​mixin and more

  •    Javascript

Library of JavaScript stage-0 decorators (aka ES2016/ES7 decorators but that's not accurate) inspired by languages that come with built-ins like @​override, @​deprecate, @​autobind, @​mixin and more. Popular with React/Angular, but is framework agnostic. Similar to Annotations in Java but unlike Java annotations, decorators are functions which are applied at runtime. This can be consumed by any transpiler that supports stage-0 of the decorators spec, like babel.js version 5. Babel 6 does not yet support decorators natively, but you can include babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy or use the applyDecorators() helper.

react-masonry-component - A React.js component for using @desandro's Masonry

  •    Javascript

if you wish to have IE8 support, v2 with React 0.14 is the highest version available. To use the component just require the module.

react-tween-state - React animation.

  •    Javascript

The equivalent of React's this.setState, but for animated tweens: this.tweenState. Live demo and source.

mixwith.js - A mixin library for ES6

  •    Javascript

A simple and powerful mixin library for ES6. mixwith differs from other mixin approaches because it does not copy properties from one object to another. Instead, mixwith works with "subclass factories" which create a new class that extends a superclass with the mixin - this is called a mixin application.

sass-burger - A Sass mixin for creating hamburger icons.

  •    CSS

A Sass mixin for creating hamburger icons. Download the _burger.scss file manually, or use a package manager.

lodash-id - Makes it easy to manipulate id-based resources with lodash or lowdb

  •    Javascript

Finds and returns document by id or undefined.Adds document to collection, sets an id and returns created document.

cocktail - Cocktail: DRY up your backbone code with mixins

  •    Javascript

Break out your shared Backbone.js model/collection/view behaviors into separate modules and mix them into your classes with Cocktail - an implementation of Backbone mixins. Mixins are simply bare-bones JavaScript objects that provide additional functionality to your Backbone objects. Think of them as bags of methods that will get added to all instances of your objects.

vanilla-framework - From community websites to web applications, this CSS framework will help you achieve a consistent look and feel

  •    CSS

Vanilla Framework is a simple extensible CSS framework, built using Sass and is designed to be used either directly or by using themes to extend or supplement its patterns. You can link to the latest build to add directly into your markup like so, by replacing the x values with the version number you wish to link.

Sass-Web-Fonts - A Sass mixin to allow easy, efficient usage of Google Web Fonts.

  •    CSS

A Sass mixin to allow easy, efficient usage of Google Web Fonts. You can clone this repo and include _web-fonts.scss in your project manually, or you can install the sass-web-fonts package from npm or Bower.

react-lifecycle - A ReactJS mixin for logging component lifecycle method call

  •    Javascript

A ReactJS mixin for logging component lifecycle method call

mixto - A mixin superclass

  •    CoffeeScript

A mixin superclass. Its subclasses have `.extend` and `.includeInto` methods to mix behavior into other objects and classes.

react-timer-mixin - TimerMixin provides timer functions for executing code in the future that are safely cleaned up when the component unmounts

  •    Javascript

Using bare setTimeout, setInterval, setImmediate and requestAnimationFrame calls is very dangerous because if you forget to cancel the request before the component is unmounted, you risk the callback throwing an exception.If you include TimerMixin, then you can replace your calls to setTimeout(fn, 500) with this.setTimeout(fn, 500) (just prepend this.) and everything will be properly cleaned up for you.

class - Class System

  •    Javascript

hydro-class is a full Class system for JavaScript. It's very much inspired by Ember.js' object system, but ported over to Node and without the weight of Ember. create() allows you to add more properties before the instance is created (for that instance only) and add Mixins for that instance only.

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