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intellij-elixir - Elixir plugin for JetBrain's IntelliJ Platform (including Rubymine)

  •    Java

This is a plugin that adds support for Elixir to JetBrains IDEs. The plugin works both in the rich IDEs that allow alternative language SDK selection and small IDEs that are language specific. The rich IDEs work best for IntelliJ Elixir because only in the rich IDEs can have an Elixir SDK set as the Project SDK. In all small IDEs, the native language SDK is always there, which makes anything that uses the SDK, such as running elixir, erl, or mix more complicated both internally and externally in the configuration you have to setup.

mix_docker - Put your Elixir app production release inside minimal docker image

  •    Elixir

and standard docker build. Put your Elixir app inside minimal Docker image. Based on alpine linux and distillery releases.

colord - 👑 A tiny yet powerful tool for high-performance color manipulations and conversions

  •    TypeScript

The performance results were generated on a MBP 2019, 2,6 GHz Intel Core i7 by running npm run benchmark in the library folder. See tests/benchmark.ts. Parses the given input and creates a new Colord instance. String parsing strictly conforms to CSS Color Level Specifications.


  •    DotNet

A code library for developing applications that calculate moist air properties. Mostly for HVAC engineers. All code must and will be written in C#. All calculations are based off of the ASHRAE standards. The library supports both SI (metric) and IP (Imperial) units.

lerp - bare-bones linear interpolation function

  •    Javascript

In the fashion of small modules and saving keystrokes; this is a bare-bones linear interpolation function. Same as mix in GLSL.Interpolates from start to end using the given alpha.

mix_script - A build tool which allows you to use mix packages in an elixir script

  •    Elixir

A build utility that allows you to to use mix packages in an elixir script.

shipit - ShipIt automates Hex package publishing to avoid common mistakes

  •    Elixir

ShipIt automates Hex package publishing to avoid common mistakes. ShipIt is released under the MIT license, see LICENSE.md.

glsl-map - Map a value between one range to another

  •    GLSL

This applies no clamping, so if your input value is greater than inMax, you'll receive a value greater than outMax. MIT. See LICENSE.md for details.

smoothstep - the smoothstep() function

  •    Javascript

Bare-bones smoothstep function (cubic Hermite interpolation), returning a value in the range 0.0 to 1.0. Performs smoothstep from min to max using the given value, by clamping and then using cubic Hermite interpolation.

exgen - A templating library for generating reusable Elixir projects

  •    Elixir

Quickly generate Elixir apps from templates. Any variables needed by the template can be passed in from the CLI using switches. So if a template requires the app_name and module variables, use the --app-name and --module switches as above (switches are automatically underscored before being exposed to the template EEx context).

mixing - Functions to mix, filter, change and copy/clone objects

  •    Javascript

Functions to mix, filter, change and copy/clone objects. Supports processing of symbol property keys that are introduced in ECMAScript 2015. mixing is like an improved version of Object.assign and is compatible with ECMAScript 3+.

mix_under - Execute mix tasks under Elixir umbrella applications

  •    Elixir

Execute mix tasks under specific umbrella apps, useful for running ecto migrations or tests. Well, you can of course use it if you dont mind writing a bit more :), (you can always create an alias in your umbrella to run those long commands for you).

mix-format.el - Emacs package to format Elixir code in Emacs with elixir-mode

  •    Emacs

Emacs package to format your Elixir code. and set your mix executable path there.

dialyzex - A Mix task for type-checking your Elixir project with dialyzer

  •    Elixir

For more details, consult mix help dialyzer after installation. Documentation is generated with ExDoc and published on HexDocs at https://hexdocs.pm/dialyzex.

laravel-mix-tailwind - mix.tailwind()

  •    Javascript

This extension provides instant Tailwind support to your Mix (v2.1 and up) builds. First, install the extension.


  •    Elixir

This repository serves as an example on how to use Codecov Global for Elixir. Add excoveralls to your mix.exs deps.

webpack-laravel-mix-manifest - 🐶Use the webpack build information to generate the laravel-mix function compatibility information file

  •    Javascript

Use the webpack build information to generate the laravel-mix function compatibility information file. The 2.0 version Only Support webpack 4, If you using webpack 2 or 3 version 1.0.

elixir_auto_complete - Bash Autocompletion for elixir, iex and mix

  •    Shell

How do I use this after installing? Just tab away... Fork it, submit a pull request and I'll merge it in.

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