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matcher - Simple wildcard matching

  •    Javascript

Useful when you want to accept loose string input and regexes/globs are too convoluted.Accepts an array of input's and pattern's.

gulp-filter - Filter files in a vinyl stream

  •    Javascript

Enables you to work on a subset of the original files by filtering them using glob patterns. When you're done and want all the original files back you just use the restore stream.By combining and restoring different filters you can process different sets of files with a single pipeline.

multimatch - Extends minimatch.match() with support for multiple patterns

  •    Javascript

See the tests for more usage examples and expected matches.Same as minimatch.match() except for pattern also accepting an array.

resolve-dep - Load the resolved file paths for specified NPM modules into your node project, or into Grunt config data using Lo-Dash templates

  •    Javascript

Return an array of resolved filepaths for require-able local or named npm modules. Wildcard (glob) patterns may be used. Similar in concept to matchdep and load-grunt-tasks, but returns an array of fully resolved file paths to any local modules or npm modules listed in package.json dependencies.

filter-object - Return a copy of an object, filtered to have only keys that match the given glob patterns

  •    Javascript

Filter an object by its keys or values. Returns a copy of an object filtered to have only keys or values that match the given glob patterns. See glob-object and/or filter-values for the full range of options and available features.

node-glob-expand - A sync glob / minimatch call with a gruntjs -like `expand` of patterns, with minimum depepndencies

  •    CoffeeScript

A (sync) glob / minimatch / RegExp call using gruntjs's file.expand. It has only a minimum of dependencies: glob (version 4.x that has negation patterns) & lodash.

gulp-ignore - plugin for gulp to ignore files in the stream based on file characteristics

  •    Javascript

Run JSHint on everything, remove gulpfile from the stream, then uglify and write everything else.

gulp-match - Does a vinyl file match a condition?

  •    Javascript

Does a vinyl file match a condition? This function checks the condition on the file.path of the vinyl-fs file passed to it. A vinyl-fs file.


  •    Javascript

Port in JS of the matching library used by Git. Unlike other libraries like minimatch, it doesn't use regexp and use a real parser.

koa-ip-filter - koa middleware to filter request IPs or custom ID with glob patterns, array, string, regexp or matcher function

  •    Javascript

Middleware for koa that filters IPs against glob patterns, RegExp, string or array of globs. Support custom 403 Forbidden message and custom ID. Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue. But before doing anything, please read the CONTRIBUTING.md guidelines.

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