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mind - A neural network library built in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

A flexible neural network library for Node.js and the browser. Check out a live demo of a movie recommendation engine built with Mind. Use plugins created by the Mind community to configure pre-trained networks that can go straight to making predictions.

g6 - A Graph Visualization Framework in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

G6 is a graph visualization framework. It provides a set of base mechanisms, help developers to build your own graph visualization analysis application or graph visualization edit application.

leader.js.cool - 不可替代的团队领袖培养计划

  •    Javascript

大部分涉及到的项目经验来自于实际项目中踩的坑, 部分提供示例的项目源码, 而更多的希望你们在这些过程中去理解遇到问题时的分析与解决思路. 欢迎进行反馈交流。同时非常期待您在 Github 上 Follow 我 (@willin).

lightsout - 🎲 Lights Out Game (Online)

  •    CSS

Changes and improvements are more than welcome! Feel free to fork and open a pull request. Please make your changes in a specific branch and request to pull into master! If you can, please make sure the game fully works before sending the PR, as that will help speed up the process. If you do like our game and we hope that you do, can you please support us? Our game is not and is never going to be working for profit. We need the money just so we can continue doing what we do ;-) .

mind-sdk - MIND SDK

  •    Go

Command-line Interface used for Skill development. A Docker image with everything needed to cross-compile C/C++ and Golang applications to the ARM architecture.

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