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mountebank - Over the wire test doubles

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In fact, halfway through we discovered our corporate mocking software couldn’t handle the sheer amount of performance testing we were running as part of this effort (we completely crushed some pretty industrial enterprise software in the process). As a result, we made the call to move the entire program over to a Mountebank OSS-based solution with a custom provision to give us the ability to expand/shrink our mocking needs on demand. mountebank is the first open source tool to provide cross-platform, multi-protocol test doubles over the wire. Just point your application to mountebank instead of the real dependency, and test like you would with traditional stubs and mocks.

microservices-testing-examples - Microservices Testing in practice.

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The problem with alternative a is that it doesn't scale. It gets only harder to maintain the tests as the system evolves and new microservices arise. The problem with alternative b is that the mocks might not behave the same way as the real dependencies, and thus we might miss integration problems. So, how to proceed? Glad you asked. This project will focus on Consumer Driven Contract Testing to overcome those limitations. It is a technique based on mocks, so that we benefit from fast feedback and no scalability issues, that attacks the problem of potential incompatible behavior by recording the interactions with the mocks and then allowing the real services to test that they behave the same way the mock did instead.

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