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lnd - Lightning Network Daemon

  •    Go

The Lightning Network Daemon (lnd) - is a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node and currently deployed on testnet3 - the Bitcoin Test Network. lnd has several pluggable back-end chain services including btcd (a full-node) and neutrino (a new experimental light client). The project's codebase uses the btcsuite set of Bitcoin libraries, and also exports a large set of isolated re-usable Lightning Network related libraries within it.

lightning-charge - A simple drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments

  •    Javascript

A drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments, built on top of c-lightning. Simple HTTP REST API, optimized for developer friendliness and ease of integration. Near-zero configuration.

lightning-onion - Onion Routed Micropayments for the Lightning Network

  •    Go

This repository houses an implementation of the Lightning Network's onion routing protocol. The Lightning Network uses onion routing to securely, and privately route HTLC's (Hash-Time-Locked-Contracts, basically a conditional payment) within the network. (A full specification of the protocol can be found amongst the lighting-rfc repository, specifically within BOLT#04.The Lightning Network is composed of a series of "payment channels" which are essentially tubes of money whose balances can instantaneous be reallocated between two participants. By linking these payment channels in a pair-wise manner, a network of connect payment channels are created.

filebazaar - Sell digital files with Bitcoin & Lightning :zap:

  •    Javascript

Sell digital files with Bitcoin & Lightning. Simple setup and minimal configuration, just put some files in a directory and start the server.

ifpaytt - If Pay Then That :zap: Trigger IFTTT actions with Bitcoin Lightning payments

  •    Javascript

Use Bitcoin Lightning payments as the trigger for IFTTT (If This Then That) actions. Powered by ⚡️ Lightning Charge and paypercall.

lightning-jukebox - A Lightning powered Jukebox :zap: Pay with Bitcoin to choose your music.

  •    Javascript

A Lightning powered Jukebox. Pay with Bitcoin to choose your music from YouTube. Setup Lightning Charge.

nanopos - A simple Lightning :zap: point-of-sale system, powered by Lightning Charge

  •    Javascript

A simple Lightning ⚡️ point-of-sale system with a clean & minimal web UI. Powered by ⚡️ Lightning Charge.

nanotip - :zap: Lightning Tip Box :zap:

  •    Javascript

A simple web server for accepting lightning donations. nanotip generates Lightning invoices on the fly using your Lightning Charge server, allowing users to setup a tip jar that accepts Lightning Network payments.

paypercall - Charge for HTTP APIs on a pay-per-call basis with Bitcoin and Lightning :zap:

  •    Javascript

Charge for HTTP APIs on a pay-per-call basis with Bitcoin and Lightning. Want to require a payment when users take some programmatic action, such as sending an SMS or running imaging processing? That's what paypercall is for.

wordpress-lightning-publisher - :zap: Lightning Publisher for WordPress

  •    PHP

Lightning Publisher for WordPress allows you to offer previews of your blog posts and require a Lightning Network payment to release the rest. Powered by ⚡️ Lightning Charge.

ilp-sdk - Stream Interledger payments between Lightning, Ethereum and XRP

  •    TypeScript

The SDK is built around the concept of an uplink, which is a relationship with a connector, or money router, using a particular settlement mechanism. Any number of uplinks can be configured, with different private keys/accounts on the base ledger, connected to different connectors. By default, the SDK connects to the Kava testnet connector; user-defined connectors will be supported in the near future. However, Kava's connector configuration is open-source, enabling you to run a local connector for development.

switch - Interledger wallet for non-custodial crypto trading and streaming payments

  •    Vue

Switch is the fastest, most secure way to swap cryptocurrencies. Recent developments in blockchain scaling enable lightning-fast swaps, interoperability across blockchains, and complete self-custody of assets. Download the latest release for Mac, Windows, and Linux here.

lightning.ws - Web services and website files for https://lightning.ws

  •    HTML

Web services and website files for https://lightning.ws. lightning.ws hosts paywalled web services / APIs that are payable via the Lightning Network.

ln-paywall - Go middleware for monetizing your API on a per-request basis with Bitcoin and Lightning ⚡️

  •    Go

A client package exists as well to make consuming LN-paywalled APIs extremely easy (you just use it like the standard Go http.Client and the payment handling is done in the background). An API gateway is on the roadmap as well, which you can use to monetize your API that's written in any language, not just in Go.

machinomy - Node.js library for micropayments in Ether and ERC20 tokens over HTTP

  •    TypeScript

Machinomy Lerna Monorepo repository. Web site: machinomy.com. Twitter: @machinomy. Support/Discussion: Gitter. FAQ: GitHub Wiki Page.