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zend-expressive - PSR-15 middleware in minutes!

  •    PHP

We provide two ways to install Expressive, both using Composer: via our skeleton project and installer, or manually. The simplest way to install and get started is using the skeleton project, which includes installer scripts for choosing a router, dependency injection container, and optionally a template renderer and/or error handler. The skeleton also provides configuration for officially supported dependencies.

lit - World's smallest responsive 🔥 css framework (395 bytes)

  •    CSS

a ridiculously small responsive css framework. I challenged myself to see how small I could go, but preserve everything Skeleton, Milligram, and other micro frameworks have to offer.

furtive - A forward-thinking, lightweight, css microframework

  •    CSS

A forward-thinking, lightweight, CSS microframework. Minimal by design. 2.47kB gzipped.

Camping - the 4k pocket full-of-gags web Micro framework

  •    Ruby

Camping is a web framework which consistently stays at less than 4kB of code. You can probably view the complete source code on a single page. But, you know, it's so small that, if you think about it, what can it really do? The idea here is to store a complete fledgling web application in a single file like many small CGIs. But to organize it as a Model-View-Controller application like Rails does. You can then easily move it to Rails once you've got it going.

watts - Resource-oriented, Rack-based, minimalist web framework.

  •    Ruby

Resource-oriented, Rack-based, minimalist web framework.

spife - :curry: :fork_and_knife: a jshttp based µframework :fork_and_knife: :spaghetti:

  •    Javascript

Full docs are available here.📦 denotes a link to an external package that has been bundled with Spife.

slim-mvc - Lightweight (M)VC structure for Slim applications.

  •    PHP

Slim is one of the best PHP Frameworks(IMHO), but sometimes is annoying for people who like to write webapps in MVC strucuture to adapt to Slim structure, then if you're bored of using Slim application structure , you should consider give a try to this project. The aim of this project is provide a very basic MVC structure to organize your Slim apps.

servies - Bash micro http framework, yes, bash, that uses netcat to listen for and respond to HTTP requests

  •    Shell

servies is a bash micro-framework that uses netcat to listen for and respond to HTTP requests. anything sent to stdout by your handler function or command will be sent back as the response body, but there's also a status and a header command that you can use to customize the status code and to add any header you want. checkout the sample.sh file for an example.

Mojo - Structured JavaScript Microframework specifically for agency-style projects (structure but flexible, no forced paradigms)

  •    Javascript

Mojo is a lightweight structural JavaScript framework that has the ability to scale up and down based on how big your project is. In trying to keep the same structural essence of its predecessor, we're refactoring its core features into jQuery plugins. jQuery is a great library that encompasses a plethora of helper methods (animation, DOM manipulation, network IO) but it doesn't reinforce the concepts of writing code with structural integrity or implementation silos. Having globally distributed software development teams, we found that using jQuery alone can quickly turn a project into a pile of spaghetti with developers hopping on and off the project.

py-tendermint - A Python microframework for building blockchain applications with Tendermint

  •    Python

Inspired by Flask, py-tendermint makes it easy to quickly prototype a Tendermint ABCI application. NOTE: this is still very alpha stuff DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION.

Receiver - Swift µframework implementing the Observer pattern 📡

  •    Swift

Receiver is nothing more than an opinionated micro framework implementation of the Observer pattern (~120 LOC). Or, if you prefer, FRP without the F and a really small R (rP 🤔). If you use Carthage to build your dependencies, make sure you have added Receiver.framework to the "Linked Frameworks and Libraries" section of your target, and have included them in your Carthage framework copying build phase.

tomodachi - Microservice library/framework using Python 3 asyncio with support for HTTP + WebSockets, RabbitMQ / AMQP and AWS SNS+SQS, etc

  •    Python

Tomodachi is a tiny framework designed to build fast microservices listening on HTTP or communicating over event driven message buses like RabbitMQ, AMQP, AWS (Amazon Web Services) SNS+SQS, etc. It's designed to be extendable to make use of any type of transport layer available. tomodachi is still a highly experimental project with an unregular release schedule.

diy_framework - Learning project: simple, asynchronous, and minimalistic HTTP server and framework

  •    Python

It's a DIY asynchronous microframework project to further explore Python35+, software architecture, and a few other interesting things. It is composed of a simple HTTP/1.1 async server and the actual framework. This is not production grade code.

core - Platform for rapid application development.

  •    PHP

Core is a platform, a collection of components for rapid application development. It doesn't make decisions for you; it gives you tools to build your own solutions. See the wiki.

mooa - Mooa 是一个为 Angular 服务的微前端框架。A micro-frontend Framework for Angular from single-spa.

  •    TypeScript

Mooa 是一个为 Angular 服务的微前端框架。A micro-frontend Framework for Angular from single-spa.

Router - 🛣 Simple Navigation for iOS

  •    Swift

Because classic App Navigation introduces tight coupling between ViewControllers. Complex Apps navigation can look like a gigantic spider web. Besides the fact that Navigation responsibility is split among ViewControllers, modifying a ViewController can cascade recompiles and produce slow compile times.

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