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json - JSON for Modern C++

  •    C++

Intuitive syntax. In languages such as Python, JSON feels like a first class data type. We used all the operator magic of modern C++ to achieve the same feeling in your code. Check out the examples below and you'll know what I mean.Trivial integration. Our whole code consists of a single header file json.hpp. That's it. No library, no subproject, no dependencies, no complex build system. The class is written in vanilla C++11. All in all, everything should require no adjustment of your compiler flags or project settings.

MessagePack-CSharp - Extremely Fast MessagePack Serializer for C#(

  •    CSharp

Extremely fast MessagePack serializer for C#, x10 faster than MsgPack-Cli and acquires best performance compared with all the other C# serializers. MessagePack for C# has built-in LZ4 compression which can achieve super fast and small binary size. Performance is always important! for Game, Distributed computing, Microservices, Store data to Redis, etc.MessagePack has compact binary size and full set of general purpose expression. Please see the comparison with JSON, protobuf, ZeroFormatter section. If you want to know why MessagePack C# is fastest, please see performance section.

rq - Record Query - A tool for doing record analysis and transformation

  •    Javascript

This is the home of the tool called rq (record query). It's a tool that's used for performing queries on streams of records in various formats. The goal is to make ad-hoc exploration of data sets easy without having to use more heavy-weight tools like SQL/MapReduce/custom programs. rq fills a similar niche as tools like awk or sed, but works with structured (record) data instead of text.

msgpack-cli - MessagePack implementation for Common Language Infrastructure / msgpack.org[C#]

  •    CSharp

This is MessagePack serialization/deserialization for CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) implementations such as .NET Framework, Silverlight, Mono (including Moonlight.) This library can be used from ALL CLS compliant languages such as C#, F#, Visual Basic, Iron Python, Iron Ruby, PowerShell, C++/CLI or so.Install Visual Studio 2017 (Community edition is OK) and 2015 (for MsgPack.Windows.sln).

msgpack-lite - Fast Pure JavaScript MessagePack Encoder and Decoder / msgpack.org[JavaScript]

  •    Javascript

A CLI tool bin/msgpack converts data stream from JSON to MessagePack and vice versa. Browser version msgpack.min.js is also available. 50KB minified, 14KB gziped.

msgpack5 - A msgpack v5 implementation for node.js, with extension points / msgpack.org[Node]

  •    Javascript

A msgpack v5 implementation for node.js and the browser, with extension point support. This library is compatible with Browserify.

msgpack-rust - MessagePack implementation for Rust / msgpack.org[Rust]

  •    Rust

RMP is a pure Rust MessagePack implementation. This repository consists of three separate crates: the RMP core and two implementations to ease serializing and deserializing Rust structs.

sc-codec-min-bin - Minimal binary codec for SocketCluster based on MessagePack

  •    Javascript

Minimal binary codec for SC based on MessagePack. This codec helps reduce bandwidth usage and is ideal for games and other high-throughput applications.This module is designed to be hooked up on both the client and server.

messagepack - Serialize instance for Message Pack Object msgpack.org[Haskell]

  •    Haskell

Serialize instance for Message Pack Object. For a for Message Pack RPC (remote procedure call) support library, check messagepack-rpc.

django-rest-framework-msgpack - MessagePack support for Django REST framework

  •    Python

MessagePack is a fast, compact binary serialization format, suitable for similar data to JSON. This package provides MessagePack support for Django REST framework. This package provides a renderer MessagePackRenderer and a parser MessagePackParser.

pony-msgpack - :horse: Pure Pony implementation of the MessagePack serialization format

  •    Pony

A pure Pony implementation of the MessagePack serialization format.


  •    PHP

A pure PHP implementation of the MessagePack serialization format. The minimum PHP version requirement is 7.1.1. If you need support for older PHP versions (or HHVM), please use the 0.3.1 version of this library.

MessagePack.swift - It's like JSON, but fast and small…and Swift! – msgpack.org[Swift]

  •    Swift

A fast, zero-dependency MessagePack implementation written in Swift 4. Supports Apple platforms and Linux. MessagePack.swift is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

webofthings.js - A gateway and server reference implementation of the Web of Things model

  •    Javascript

A server and gateway reference implementation of the W3C Web Thing Model, written in Node.js and tailored for embedded systems. Note: while this code is used in the Building the Web of Things book, it isn't the code of the book which you can find here.

coffeepack - An implementation of the MessagePack serialization format in CoffeeScript for Node

  •    CoffeeScript

An implementation of the MessagePack serialization format in CoffeeScript for Node.js and the browser. MessagePack is a binary-based object serialization library. It's like JSON but much more space efficient.

msgpack11 - A tiny MessagePack library for C++11 (msgpack.org[C++11])

  •    C++

msgpack11 is a tiny MsgPack library for C++11, providing MsgPack parsing and serialization. This library is inspired by json11. The API of msgpack11 is designed to be similar with json11. There are more specific examples in example.cpp. Please see it.

rcppmsgpack - MsgPack Headers for R / msgpack.org[R]

  •    C++

This package provides R with both the MessagePack (or MsgPack as a shorthand) header files, and the ability to access, create and alter MessagePack objects directly from R. MessagePack is an efficient binary serialization format. It lets you exchange data among multiple languages like JSON. But it is faster and smaller. Small integers are encoded into a single byte, and typical short strings require only one extra byte in addition to the strings themselves. MessagePack is used by Redis and many other projects.

HashStablePack - Content Deterministic Marshal code generator

  •    Go

This is a code generation tool and serialization library for Calculation of Stable Hash for content. Basically it will generate an MarshalHash method which follow the MessagePack but without the key. the order of struct member is sorted by type name, so "string, int", "int, string" is equivalent.

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