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CGoGN_2 - n-dimensional Meshes with Combinatorial Maps

  •    C++

CGoGN is a geometric modeling C++ library that provides an efficient implementation of combinatorial maps. If you want to update your repository with commits from other contributors, with your "[user]" branch as current branch, you can pull the "develop" branch of this repository. This will fetch new commits and merge them in your branch.

simulant-engine - A general purpose game engine. Under rapid development

  •    C++

Simulant is my accidental hobby engine. It started while I was reverse-engineering a model format and wanted to quickly and easily manipulate meshes. Over the next couple of years I chipped away at it here and there, using it for various little toy projects, but it grew out of control without any focus. Over time it became a dumping ground for useful graphics-related code, and depended on more and more third party libraries. In 2014, I decided that it there were a lot of nice things in Simulant, but it was a mess, and so I developed my first game "Rocks & Spaceworms" (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.kazade.rocks) with it and ported the code to Android. This allowed me to start focusing on removing dependencies and structuring the codebase like a real game engine.

vtkbool - A standalone boolean filter for VTK.

  •    C++

This is an extension of the graphics library VTK. The goal of the extension is to equip the library with boolean operations on polygonal meshes. I started the project at the end of my studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) in Leipzig. I used VTK to develop a program, which I had to create for a paper. At this time I would have wished, that this feature already exists. There was several implementations from third parties, but after some tests, I came to the conclusion, that none of them worked correct. The once who worked was bound to other big libraries like CGAL. I decided to start with my own implementation. This library is the result of my efforts. Nothing for now.

gl-catmull-clark - A javascript implementation of the Catmull-Clark subdivision surface algorithm

  •    Javascript

This module implements the Catmull-Clark subdivision surface algorithm for WebGL usage. If you feed a low-poly, ugly mesh to this algorithm, the result will be a smooth, beautiful mesh. A demo is provided. cells The indices of the input mesh. This is either a list of quad indices or a list of triangle indices. If quads, it is on the form [ [1,2,3,4], [8,9,10,11],...]. If triangles, it is on the form [ [1,2,3], [8,9,10],...]. And note that clockwise ordering of the indices is assumed! Finally, do note that Catmull-Clark is mostly meant to be used on meshes made with quads If used on triangular meshes, the quality of the subdivision is generally not as good.

flowers - Program to generate 3D models of abstract flowers.

  •    Clojure

This program generates meshes of 3D geometrical forms and exports them in a .ply file. It uses the Morphogen library by Karsten Schmidt. Clone this repository and cd in the folder. Launch the REPL lein repl To export a mesh, like that one created in the spritz function, use (apply save-mesh (spritz)) A new file with .ply extension will be created in the main project folder.

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