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mergepbx - script for merging XCode project files in git

  •    Python

Tracking a Xcode project in a version control system is annoying. Simply adding files can lead to merge conflicts that have to be solved manually, although it would be possible to resolve the conflict automatically, if the merge algorithm would be aware of the structure of Xcode's project file. After long and annoying merge sessions in one of my projects, I came to the conclusion, that writing a merge driver for git which understands the structure of the project file would be a worthwhile endeavour, as it would save me from solving the merge conflicts for my co-workers.

PCAPMerger / PmLib


PCAPMerger is console application written in C# to merge mutliple PCAP files into the one file sorted according to timestamp, it benefits separate PmLib library

Cassette-Express - An asset manager for your client side javascript files, for use in Express.JS

  •    Javascript

Because this isn't a CommonJS based system, you can use all the same javascript libraries and files you're already using. You can even use it with Ender, too, by referencing the unminified version, ie., // @reference ../lib/ender.js. Cassette-Express is an adaptation of Andrew Davey's Cassette (https://github.com/andrewdavey/cassette), a .net package which helps developers manage CSS, Javascript, Coffeescript assets. It is amazingly useful. I wanted to use the same client side javascript in Node projects and discovered the same functionality - working with any javascript, not just CommonJS modules - didn't exist.

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