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gallium - Build desktop applications in Go and HTML.

  •    Go

Write desktop applications in Go, HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Gallium is a Go library for managing windows, menus, dock icons, and desktop notifications. Each window contains a webview component, in which you code your UI in HTML. Under the hood, the webview is running Chromium.

laravel-nestedset - Effective tree structures in Laravel 4-5

  •    PHP

This is a Laravel 4-5 package for working with trees in relational databases. The nested set model is to number the nodes according to a tree traversal, which visits each node twice, assigning numbers in the order of visiting, and at both visits. This leaves two numbers for each node, which are stored as two attributes. Querying becomes inexpensive: hierarchy membership can be tested by comparing these numbers. Updating requires renumbering and is therefore expensive.

SideMenu - Simple side menu control for iOS, no code necessary! Lots of customization

  •    Swift

Hi, I'm Jon Kent and I am an iOS designer, developer, and mobile strategist. I love coffee and play the drums. SideMenu is a simple and versatile side menu control written in Swift.

smenu - Terminal utility that allows you to use words coming from the standard input to create a nice selection window just below the cursor

  •    C

smenu is a selection filter just like sed is an editing filter. This simple tool reads words from the standard input, presents them in a cool interactive window after the current line on the terminal and writes the selected word, if any, on the standard output.

tty-prompt - A beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt

  •    Ruby

A beautiful and powerful interactive command line prompt. TTY::Prompt provides independent prompt component for TTY toolkit.

menu - Html menu generator

  •    PHP

The spatie/menu package provides a fluent interface to build menus of any size in your php application. If you're building your app with Laravel, the spatie/laravel-menu provides some extra treats. Documentation is available at https://docs.spatie.be/menu.

Yoshi - A convenient wrapper around the UI code that is often needed for displaying debug menus.

  •    Swift

A helpful companion for your iOS app. Yoshi is a convenient wrapper around the UI code that is often needed for displaying debug menus.

NavigationBundle - Symfony bundle for defining menu-structures and breadcrumbs in the KnpMenuBundle

  •    PHP

The RollerworksNavigationBundle adds the ability to define menu-structures and breadcrumbs for the KnpMenuBundle in your application configuration. You need at least PHP 5.3 and the KnpMenuBundle already installed and configured.

Qprompt - Python library for quick CLI user prompts, input, and menus.

  •    Python

Library for quick CLI user prompts, input, and menus. Simple multi-entry menus.

laravel-menus - Laravel Menu Management

  •    PHP

nwidart/laravel-menus is a laravel package which created to manage menus. It has a feature called presenters which enables easy styling and custom structure of menu rendering. This package is a re-published, re-organised and maintained version of pingpong/menus, which isn't maintained anymore. This package is used in AsgardCMS.

react-push-menu - react multi level push menu

  •    Javascript

APIs can define/give a different structure or property names for required fields. This give the user the option to tell react-push-menu which property on the node/menu item to find the value it's looking for.

cylon-deb - TUI menu driven bash shell script to maintain a Debian based Linux distro.

  •    Shell

Title : cylon-deb , Debian based Linux distribution maintenance program. Description: A TUI (terminal user interface) which allows users to carry out maintenance on an Debian based linux distributions. The program is menu-based and written in bash. The program is a fork and highly truncated version of the arch-linux maintenance program cylon, which can also be found in this repo. This program provides a Terminal based alternative to GUI software managers found in many distros.

wagtailmenus - An app to help you manage and render menus in your Wagtail projects more effectively

  •    Python

wagtailmenus is an extension for Torchbox's Wagtail CMS to help you manage and render multi-level navigation and simple flat menus in a consistent, flexible way. To find out more about what wagtailmenus does and why, check out the Overview and key concepts section of the documentation.

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