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leakage - 🐛 Memory leak testing for node.

  •    Javascript

Memory leak testing for node. Javascript memory footprinting using your favorite test runner.

LeakCanary - A memory leak detection library for Android and Java

  •    Kotlin

LeakCanary is a memory leak detection library for Android. LeakCanary’s knowledge of the internals of the Android Framework gives it a unique ability to narrow down the cause of each leak, helping developers dramatically reduce OutOfMemoryError crashes.

JS-Memory-Analysor - JS Memory Analysor is a tool to detect memory leaks for Javascript/NodeJS.

  •    Javascript

Memory leak is an important problem in JavaScript/NodeJS, though they have Garbage collection mechanism. Now there are some tools are provided to detect memory leak for JavaScript/NodeJS, such as Chrome Devtools, Webstorm and so on. These tools solve our problems in some extent. However, there are also some problems left, such as not smart enough to recommend suspected objects. Compared to above, JS Memory Analysor provides more convenient functionality to help us find memory leak objects more quickly. To retained the habits of JS developers and reduce the learning cost, JS Memory Analysor is developed base on Chrome Devtools. After open the browser, you should load multiple local files(.heapsnapshot) simultaneously. These heap snapshots are dumped duration the operation of the application.

stackimpact-nodejs - StackImpact Node

  •    Javascript

StackImpact is a production-grade performance profiler built for both production and development environments. It gives developers continuous and historical code-level view of application performance that is essential for locating CPU, memory allocation and I/O hot spots as well as latency bottlenecks. Included runtime metrics and error monitoring complement profiles for extensive performance analysis. Learn more at stackimpact.com. Learn more on the features page (with screenshots).

poireau - Poireau: a sampling allocation debugger

  •    C++

The libpoireau library intercepts a small fraction of calls to malloc/calloc/etc., to generate a statistically representative overview of an application's heap footprint. While the interceptor currently only tracks long-lived allocations (e.g., leaks), we plan to also implement guard pages, in the spirit of Electric Fence. The sampling approach makes it possible to use this library in production with a minimal impact on performance (see the section on Performance overhead), and without any change to code generation, unlike, e.g., LeakSanitizer or Valgrind.

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