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LINQ-to-Wiki - .Net library to access MediaWiki API

  •    CSharp

LinqToWiki is a library for accessing sites running MediaWiki (including Wikipedia) through the MediaWiki API from .Net languages like C# and VB.NET. It can be used to do almost anything that can be done from the web interface and more, including things like editing articles, listing articles in categories, listing all kinds of links on a page and much more. Querying the various lists available can be done using LINQ queries, which then get translated into efficient API requests.

pattypan - Upload files to Wikimedia Commons. The Spreadsheet Way.

  •    Java

Tool that simplifies Wikimedia Commons batch file uploading for GLAM institution volunteers and employees. Created thanks to Wikimedia Foundation IEG Grant. For more information on usage, see Commons:Pattypan.

wiki-scripts - Collection of scripts to query wikis powered by MediaWiki

  •    Python

The wiki-scripts project is a general framework for writing bots, maintenance scripts or performing data analysis using the MediaWiki API interface. The repository includes several scripts automating common maintenance tasks on the ArchWiki, but most of the functionality implemented in the underlying :py:mod:`ws` module is general and reusable on any MediaWiki powered wiki. For a full list of available scripts see the root directory in the git repository. The examples directory contains less notable notable scripts showing various ways of the core :py:mod:`ws` module usage.

mediawiktory - Full-featured MediaWiki client

  •    Ruby

MediaWiktory is a MediaWiki (think Wikipedia, Wiktionary and others) API client. It is the only client that allows (almost) full access to MediaWiki API powers without loosing of Ruby powers. No, seriously.

nodemw - MediaWiki API client written in node.js

  •    Javascript

Or Download the latest stable version via GitHub. An example script can be found in /examples directory.

go-mwclient - A Go package for interacting with the MediaWiki API.

  •    Go

go-mwclient is a Go package for interacting with the MediaWiki JSON API. go-mwclient aims to be a thin wrapper around the MediaWiki API that takes care of the most tedious parts of interacting with the API (such as authentication and query continuation), but it does not aim to abstract away all the functionality of the API.