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ExoPlayer - Media Player for Android

  •    Java

ExoPlayer is an application level media player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video both locally and over the internet. ExoPlayer supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API (as of KitKat), including DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks, persistent caching and custom renderers.

PlayerBase - The basic library of Android player will process complex business components

  •    Java

The basic library of Android player will process complex business components. The access is simple。Android播放器基础库,专注于播放视图组件的高复用性和组件间的低耦合,轻松处理复杂业务。

ExoMedia - An Android ExoPlayer wrapper to simplify Audio and Video implementations

  •    Java

ExoMedia is a media playback library with similar APIs to the Android MediaPlayer and VideoView that uses the ExoPlayer as a backing when possible, otherwise the default Android MediaPlayer and VideoView are used. The ExoMedia VideoView can be added in your layout files like any other Android view.

playerctl - 🎧 mpris command-line controller and library for spotify, vlc, audacious, bmp, xmms2, and others

  •    C

For true players only: spotify, vlc, audacious, bmp, xmms2, and others. Playerctl is a command-line utility and library for controlling media players that implement the MPRIS D-Bus Interface Specification. Playerctl makes it easy to bind player actions, such as play and pause, to media keys.

CicadaPlayer - CicadaPlayer is the player core of AliPlayer, which support multiple platform Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and WebAssembly for now

  •    C++

Cicada Media Player is a multi platform player sdk,Keep the world free of difficult videos to play,using Cicada Media Player, build your multimedia apps happily.



VaioPlayer makes it easier for all users to listen to music, viewing videos in a small, but powerful program. Even listening viewing online - streams is easy in this Visual Basic.NET written program. Don't waste your time with those ugly, oversized, and expensive Mediaplayers.

no-player - Simplified Player wrapper for MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer

  •    Java

A simplified Android Player wrapper for MediaPlayer and ExoPlayer. We always welcome people to contribute new features or bug fixes, here is how.

node-mpris - Control you media player with node.js!

  •    Javascript

This is a node.js implementation of MPRIS (Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification) a spec that describes a standard D-Bus interface for making media players available in other applications and/or other programming languages.

movian - An advanced media center

  •    C

If any dependencies are missing the configure script will complain. You then have the option to disable that particular module/subsystem.

fanplayer - A portable video player based on ffmpeg for windows and android platform.

  •    C

A portable video player based on ffmpeg for windows and android platform. It is a simple and light weight player implemention without SDL or other third party library. player core codes are written in C language, KISS and easy to read.

kohii - Playback made easy.

  •    Kotlin

Video playback for Android made easy. Kohii is a high level Video playback library, built from the experience creating/maintaining toro and ExoPlayer. Kohii targets directly the Video playback on Android, giving developer powerful playback control, including (1) easy way to start a Video playback with confidence (hint: only one line), (2) smooth transition from local playback to fullscreen playback and vice versa, (3) smooth playback experience on list (RecyclerView, NestedScrollView, etc).

skin.grid - Grid, a UI for Kodi. By using this code you agree with the license terms as included.

  •    Batchfile

Grid is a graphical user interface for Kodi. The goal for Grid is to provide an elegant and intuitive way of enjoying all the wonderful features that Kodi provides. The design and development focuses on feature quality rather than quantity with a lot of attention spent on the little details that matter.

skin.refocus - reFocus, a skin for Kodi

  •    Batchfile

This project is no longer being actively maintained. The master branch should run without big problems on Kodi 17.0 / Krypton however. I have started a new skin for Kodi called Grid. More information and download instructions are available here.

youtube-playlist-player - Watch and edit YouTube playlists on the desktop.

  •    CSS

Watch & edit your YouTube playlist on the desktop. Available for macOS, Windows and Linux. Supports regular Playback as well as YouTube TV (Leanback) viewing modes.

react-native-mediaplayer - Fullscreen media player for React Native

  •    Objective-C

Simple full screen media player for React Native. Install using npm with npm install --save react-native-mediaplayer. React Native >=0.4.0 is needed.

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