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forge - A native implementation of TLS in Javascript and tools to write crypto-based and network-heavy webapps

A native implementation of TLS (and various other cryptographic tools) in JavaScript. The Forge software is a fully native implementation of the TLS protocol in JavaScript, a set of cryptography utilities, and a set of tools for developing Web Apps that utilize many network resources.

jshashes - Fast and dependency-free cryptographic hashing library for node

jshashes is lightweight library implementing the most extended cryptographic hash function algorithms in pure JavaScript (ES5 compliant).You can use the simple command-line interface to generate hashes.

SSIS Multiple Hash

SSIS Multiple Hash makes it possible to generate many Hash values from each input row. Hash's supported include MD5 and SHA1.

md5sum - Command line based md5 hash calculator

Windows based command-line tool that mimics its GNU/Linux equivalent.

RenMD5 - Rename-file-to-MD5 Tool

A C# command line tool for renaming files to their MD5 checksum. Files are renamed recursively inside directories. Duplicates are removed. Usage: renmd5.exe <dir_1|file_1> <dir_2|file_2> ... <dir_n|file_n>

Hash Calculator

WPF Windows 7 program to compute SHA1, MD5 & CRC32 hash functions.

MD5 computation program

MD5 project is a simple example of using ComputeHash method to create MD5 hash value from a file given in argument. It's written in C#. Also available at http://code.google.com/p/md5-computation-program/


hashPwd provides hashing algorithms within a classical windows form. Current Version: 1.0b

BD File Hash

BD File Hash is a convenient file hashing and hash compare tool for Windows which currently works with MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, and SHA-512 algorithms.


Windows application showing the MD5 Hash for a file

rev-file - Get the revved file path of a file

Reads the file, MD5-hashes it, truncates the hash to 10 characters, appends it to the filename, and returns the modified path.Returns a Promise for a revved filepath.

rev-hash - Create a hash for file revving

It will create an md5 hash from an input buffer or string, and truncate it to 10 characters, which is unique enough for this purpose.If you think you need a different hash algorithm or a longer hash, you're wrong.

angular-crypto - angular-crypto provides standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for Angular

angular-crypto provides standard and secure cryptographic algorithms for Angular.js with support for: MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, RC4, Rabbit, AES, DES, PBKDF2, HMAC, OFB, CFB, CTR, CBC, Base64

md5-hex - Create a MD5 hash with hex encoding

Works in the browser too, when used with browserify/webpack.Checkout hasha if you need something more flexible.

hash-obj - Get the hash of an object

Encoding of the returned hash.Don't use md5 or sha1 for anything sensitive. They're insecure.