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maya-json-export - a generic Maya to JSON exporter for triangle meshes

  •    Javascript

A generic Maya to JSON exporter for triangulated meshes, specifically built for ThreeJS BufferGeometry. Designed for ThreeJS r74 and Maya 2016.This is modified from Sean Griffin's exporter, but designed for static scenes with a lot of instancing (like a forest or city scape).

MeshSync - live link plugin for Unity

  •    C++

live link plugin for Unity. supported tools: Maya, Maya LT, 3ds Max, Blender, Metasequoia, xismo

Nimble - Communication bridge for remote Python in Maya

  •    Python

A remote communication bridge between independent Python interpreters and Maya's Python Interpreter. Nimble enables transparent execution of Maya commands, both built-in and custom-made, from an external Python interpreter no matter the version or platform differences bewtween this external interpreter and Maya's built-in interpreter. At the same time Nimble can be run within the Maya Python interpreter directly, so code developed with Nimble works in both external and Maya Python interpreters in a completely transparent fashion.

mtest - Verifying openebs much before it is run in production

  •    Go

Mtest will cater to various testing needs of openebs projects. Mtest can be easily guided to try out a particular customer use case. On a simpler scheme of things Mtest will be used during CI runs. An operator should be able to create or update a test case with ease. She should be able to infer the results of above executed test case as well.

Exporters - Exporters for Babylon.js and gltf file formats

  •    Mathematica

Any questions? Here is our official forum on www.html5gamedevs.com.

domemaster-stereo-shader - Repository for the domemaster stereo shader (all versions)

  •    Mathematica

As life happens, both Andrew Hazelden and I (Roberto Ziche) need to move on and slow down the amount of the time we spend volunteering on the development of the Domemaster Stereo Shader. It was a nice project and had a surprisingly good adoption rate since my original experiment in mental ray ( http://www.robertoziche.com/domemaster/ ) back in 2010. And I have to thank Andrew for building an amazing Domemaster3D toolset around it, for regularly posting updates of the toolset with Windows/Linux/Mac based installer packages, and promoting it for all these years. Since both the Domemaster and Latlong lens shaders still include some unique functionality for omni-directional stereo rendering that no one else provides at the moment, we are hoping that production users who need these tools going forward could join the GitHub project as a contributor to help pick up the development effort on creating bug fixes and to assist with the end user support especially for the stereo 3D planetarium production community that this toolset was designed for.

SceneGraph - PySide scene graph UI framework.

  •    Python

SceneGraph is a fast & flexible framework for visualizing node graphs using in visual effects DCCs using PySide. Scenes can be saved and loaded in a variety of applications, and users can easily add their own nodes to suit their needs.

Maya2glTF - Maya to glTF 2.0 exporter

  •    Mathematica

If all goes well, you should get the message All done!. If this doesn't work for you, please create an issue.


  •    CSharp

Build, edit, and texture custom geometry in Unity. Use ProBuilder for in-scene level design, prototyping, collision meshes, all with on-the-fly play-testing. Advanced features include UV editing, vertex colors, parametric shapes, and texture blending. With ProBuilder's model export feature it's easy to tweak your levels in any external 3D modelling suite.