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jib - :sailboat: Build container images for your Java applications.

  •    Java

Jib builds Docker and OCI images for your Java applications and is available as plugins for Maven and Gradle. Maven: See documentation for jib-maven-plugin. Gradle: See documentation for jib-gradle-plugin.

Android-Cookbook-Examples - Contributed code examples from O'Reilly Android Cookbook

  •    Java

This repo is among the largest collections of Android code samples anywhere; it contains around a hundred and fifty compilable source code examples from the O’Reilly Android Cookbook, a great source of tutorial material for the Android Developer. Not all recipes in the book or online have code accompanying them; this repo features code that was either linked by the contributor, or in some cases, re-constructed as a New Project by the editor for your convenience. Further note that not all programs used in the book/online appear here; some of the examples in the book/online are only program fragments taken from other programs that can’t be included. And of course some code is drawn from existing projects that are hosted elsewhere.

Backend-Boilerplate - Boilerplate for Your Server Side(Backend) Application, Spring Boot | Node

  •    Java

Boilerplate for Your Server Side(Backend) Application, Spring Boot | Node.js | Go | Wexin 💫 服务端项目模板

Crude - .Net Dependency Management


Crude is light dependency management for .net, there was no dependency management solution for .net as Maven or Ivy until now.



NPanday is a project to integrate Apache Maven into .Net development environments, allowing you to use open source build infrastructure and Maven repositories. It includes both a Visual Studio add-in to use Maven, and a set of plugins for Maven that build .Net applications.

dockerfile-maven - A set of Maven tools for dealing with Dockerfiles

  •    Java

A set of Maven tools for dealing with Dockerfiles

happyfaces - JSF, Crud, Quickstartup, Project skeleton, JSFcomponents

  •    Java

There is one and only one goal for this project - to make jsf developers more productive. That means you startup and develop JSF application easily. You will create a new project very fast and will get a lot of stuff out of box.

kubernetes-for-java-developers - A Day in Java Developer’s Life, with a taste of Kubernetes

  •    Java

Deploying your Java application in a Kubernetes cluster could feel like Alice in Wonderland. You keep going down the rabbit hole and don’t know how to make that ride comfortable. This repository explains how a Java application can be deployed, tested, debugged and monitored in Kubernetes. In addition, it also talks about canary deployment and deployment pipeline. We will use a simple Java application built using Spring Boot. The application publishes a REST endpoint that can be invoked at http://{host}:{port}/hello.

grunt-maven-npm - npm tasks for grunt-maven-plugin 1.2+

  •    Javascript

Grunt tasks for grunt-maven-plugin Maven+Grunt workflow.

sample-projects - Sample project files for JavaCPP, JavaCPP Presets, and JavaCV

  •    Java

To help you get started faster with either JavaCPP, JavaCPP Presets, or JavaCV, we offer in this repository various small sample project files. They come in all shapes and forms, including simple build files for Maven, Gradle, or sbt, and can target applications of any scale under platforms ranging from Android, through to Hadoop, passing by Eclipse RCP, NetBeans, Tomcat, etc.This collection relies on the community to grow, so your participation is highly welcome. To have new project files added, simply send us a pull request. For practical reasons, each sample project should be placed into its own directory, whose name ideally follows the artifact naming conventions set by Maven.