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django-material - Material Design for Django

  •    CSS

Material design for Django. To checkout and run open source demo version locally, you need to have git and tox tools installed.

angular2-materialize - Angular 2 support for Materialize CSS framework.

  •    TypeScript

This library adds support for the Materialize CSS framework in Angular 2. It is needed to add the dynamic behavior of Materialize CSS that is using JavaScript rather than plain CSS. To use the library you need to import it once per project and then use its MaterializeDirective directive for binding it to any component that needs a dynamic behavior, like collapsible panels, tooltips, etc.

ngx-materialize - Angular wrap around Materialize library

  •    TypeScript

This library is an Angular wrap around Materialize library, a responsive CSS/JS framework that implements Material Design specifications from Google. The main purpose of this library is to simplify the usage of Materialize within the Angular framework which make it more dynamic. To illustrate this, we have Playground sections in several component demo pages.

angular-model-pattern-example - Model pattern for Angular (2, 4,

  •    TypeScript

Check out ngx-model or just install library using npm i -S ngx-model.All existing documentation is still valid, ngx-model just provides convenient way of using model pattern without need to copy model code by hand.

materialize-loader - A webpack loader for Materialize Css Library

  •    Javascript

Materialize configuration and loading package for webpack 2, using materialize-css (Sass). Based on bootstrap-webpack by Scott Bleck (@bline) and font-awesome-webpack by Gowrav Shekar (@gowravshekar).

exceljson - convert CSV, TSV to/from JSON.

  •    Javascript

ExcelJSON is a tool to convert CSV, TSV to/from JSON. The tool uses Filereader api for reading uploaded files (no server side upload) and mobile friendly. The tool is hosted at http://exceljson.com.

jekyll-material-theme - A Jekyll Theme based on Material Design using Materialize.

  •    HTML

A Jekyll Theme based on Material Design using Materialize. If you use cookies on your site, or choose to use Google Analytics, you're able to notify visitors with this prompt. The Thanks! dialog message can be customised in your _config.yml file.

hass-configurator - Configuration UI for Home Assistant

  •    Python

While the configuration UI of Home Assistant is still in development, you can use this small webapp to modify your configuration. It's essentially an embedded Ace editor, which has syntax hightlighting and automatic linting for yaml files (and a ton of other features you can turn on and off). There is also an integrated file browser to select whatever file you want to edit. When you are done with editing the file, click the save-button (or hit CTRL+s/CMD+s) and it will replace the original file. JT Martinez has done a wonderful job by implementing Material Design. If there is anything you want to have differently, feel free to fork and enhance. And if something is not working, create an issue here and I will have a look at it. WARNING: This tool allows you to browse your filesystem and modify files. So be careful which files you edit, or you might break critical parts of your system.

material-ui-vue - It is a materializecss.com implementation with Vue.js.

  •    Javascript

This is a materializecss.com implementation with Vue.js. Download materialize-css resources from their official site or by npm. Include its css and js files, and jQuery as well, coz materialize.js is jquery based.

dailyProgrammer - A material design frontend to /r/dailyprogrammer challenges

  •    Javascript

A material design frontend to /r/dailyprogrammer challenges. Provides syntax-highlight for every code block in the challenges and solutions, mobile readability, difficulty filters and decent looking layout.

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