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SwiftyJSONAccelerator - OSX app and CLI to generate Swift 3 code for models from JSON.

  •    Swift

A swift model generator like the Objective-C JSONAccelerator. Formats and generates models for the given JSON and also breaks them into files making it easy to manage and share between several models. Currently, the pattern is very similar to its Objective-C counterpart. It generates classes with following properties.

csvutil - csvutil provides fast and idiomatic mapping between CSV and Go (golang) values.

  •    Go

Package csvutil provides fast and idiomatic mapping between CSV and Go values. This package does not provide a CSV parser itself, it is based on the Reader and Writer interfaces which are implemented by eg. std csv package. This gives a possibility of choosing any other CSV writer or reader which may be more performant.

node-marshal - Parse Ruby's Marshal strings into JavaScript objects/JSON

  •    Javascript

Parse Ruby's Marshal strings into JavaScript objects/JSON. This module could not have been built this without this awesome blog post series.

rmarsh - Ruby Marshal 4.8 encoder/decoder in Golang. Why? Who knows.

  •    Go

A Ruby Marshal (version 4.8) encoder/decoder in Golang. Why? Who knows. This library sports low level Generator / Parser classes for high performance streaming access to the Marshal format. It also offers a higher level Mapper to marshal and unmarshal between Ruby and Go types.

super-json - JSON serializer that handles Dates, RegExps, Functions or any other type you want

  •    Javascript

Library that provides JSON serialization of javascript objects not supported natively by JSON such as Dates, RegExps, Functions or any other user-defined class instance. It is possible to use 'myJson' as a drop-in replacement for the global JSON object, but if the replacer/reviver arguments are used the custom serialization will not work.

util-lorawan-packets - C-Lang LoRaWAN packet parser & encoder

  •    C

A simple library just to pack (marshal) and parse (unmarshal) LoRaWAN packets in C. It's intended to be used as basis for upper-layer LoRaWAN node oder network-server stacks. Beside this it could be useful for LoRaWAN testing and verification purposes. We use this library internally inside our proprietary closed-source (sorry!) freeRTOS based LoRaWAN-Stack. At Lobaro we heavily try to achieve a flexible & modular code-base to get projects done fast. With embedded C-code this is often not that easy as with modern languages like goLang. This might be the reason why most LoRaWAN implementations mix the "simple" task of packet encode/decode with protocol business logic.

Moya-Marshal - Marshal bindings for Moya, RxSwift and ReactiveCocoa

  •    Swift

To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first. The subspec if you want to use the bindings over RxSwift.

ex_marshal - Ruby Marshal format implemented in Elixir

  •    Elixir

ExMarshal encodes and decodes Elixir terms according to Ruby Marshal format. Currently supported Ruby types are nil, false, true, Fixnum, Bignum, BigDecimal, Float, Symbol, String, Array, Hash.

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