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Super Mario Limitless

  •    CSharp

Super Mario Limitless is an in-development Mario-based platformer engine. It aims to be as close as possible to the 2D Mario series, and it will emulate the SMW physics engine. It is being written in C# using the XNA Game Framework.

super-mario-sky - Creates a scrolling Super Mario inspired sky scape.

  •    Javascript

Super Mario Sky is a simple jQuery plugin that allows you to easily create simple parallax scrolling clouds from old Super Mario Brothers games. Click Here to see a live demo.

purescript-demo-mario - :turtle: implementation of Elm's Mario demo in PureScript

  •    PureScript

Implementation of Elm's Mario demo in PureScript. Open index.html to interact.

super-mario-maker-client - A client for fetching and bookmarking Super Mario Maker courses.

  •    HTML

A client for fetching and bookmarking Super Mario Maker courses. Super Mario Maker Client will fetch course data from the Super Mario Maker bookmark portal site. (https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net) It will also allow you to use your Nintendo Network ID and password to log in and bookmark courses to play immediately in game on your Wii U console.

Mario5TS - The TypeScript version of the Mario5 demo application.

  •    TypeScript

This repository contains the code for the TypeScript version of the Mario5 demo application. And everything should compile / copy to a subfolder called release.

supermariowar - A fan-made multiplayer Super Mario Bros. style deathmatch game

  •    C++

The original Mario War was created by Samuele Poletto in 2002, in which four Super Mario characters could fight on various levels by jumping on each other's head. It was written in Pascal/Assembly, and was released for DOS. Later versions also included a map editor. In 2004, Florian Hufsky, founder of the 72dpiarmy forum started working on an open-source rewrite, which became Super Mario War. This version introduced custom characters, additional gameplay modes and map mechanics, items and powerups. Custom user contents were stored on (the now defunct) smwstuff.com site, with thousands of maps and skins available. Due to its open-source nature, the game has been ported to pretty much every desktop and console system.

oiram - Oiram is a Mario platformer clone

  •    C

Oiram is a mario-style platformer programmed from scratch in C and assembly using the CE development toolchain. You can find the complete readme here.