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leaflet-control-geocoder - A simple geocoder form to locate places

  •    Javascript

I need to take some of your time. I can't believe we let shit like the Kathy Sierra incident or what happened to Brianna Wu happen over and over again. I can't believe we, the open source community, let sexist, misogynous shit happen over and over again. I strongly believe that it is my — and your — duty to make the open source community, as well as the tech community at large, a community where everyone feel welcome and is accepted. At the very minimum, that means making sure the community and its forums both are safe, and are perceived as safe. It means being friendly and inclusive, even when you disagree with people. It means not shrugging off discussions about sexism and inclusiveness with handwaving about censorship and free speech. For a more elaborate document on what that means, the NPM Code of Conduct is a good start, Geek Feminism's resources for allies contains much more.

android - Where you can find everything Android from Mapzen

  •    Java

The Mapzen Android SDK is a thin wrapper that packages up everything you need to use Mapzen services in your Android applications. It also simplifies setup, installation, API key management and generally makes your life better. For a working example please refer to the SDK sample app.

line-interpolate-points - Interpolate any number of points along a multi-segment line (LineString).

  •    Javascript

The module exports a single function, interpolateLineRange( ctrlPoints, number, offsetDist ). Please fork and pull request against upstream master on a feature branch. Please provide unit tests and script fixtures in the test directory.

whosonfirst-www-spelunker - A simple Flask-based spelunker for poking around Who's On First data

  •    Javascript

A simple Flask-based spelunker for poking around Who's On First data stored in an Elasticsearch) document index. The spelunker is very much a tool to help work through what the public-facing resource (spelunker) should as it is to help us (Mapzen) visualize and sanity check the data. The spelunker does many things but it does not do everything yet, or in some cases ever.

transitland-processing-animation - Animating scheduled transit trips using the Transitland API and Processing

  •    Processing

Using Mapzen's Transitland API to download transit schedule data and Processing with Unfolding Maps to create spatial-temporal visualizations. See here for more transit flow visualizations.

argo - Rapid reverse-geocoding using Mapzen Search

  •    Javascript

Rapid reverse-geocoding using Mapzen Search