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pouchdb-find - Easy-to-use query language for PouchDB. ⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️: moved to the PouchDB repo

  •    Javascript

Provides a simple, MongoDB-inspired query language that accomplishes the same thing as the map/reduce API, but with far less code. Eventually this will replace PouchDB's map/reduce API entirely. You'll still be able to use map/reduce, but it will be distributed as a separate plugin.

WP7 Text-to-Speech Tool & Translation Library


Windows Phone Text-to-Speech (wpTTS) produces speech from text strings. wpTTS also provides real-time translation between a select list of languages. (AppID required.)

HTML App Host Framework

  •    CSharp

This is an HTML Application Host framework for building HTML5/regular HTML/JavaScript for Windows Phone. The framework consists of controls needed to support embed html apps in a standard xap format used by the market place for deploying to windows phone.

Text-Field Parser for Windows Phone


Text-Field Parser for Windows Phone is an analog of the Microsoft VisualBasic IO Text-Field Parser but designed to run on Windows Phone. The project was created specifically for another code project product, GTFS SQL Library for Windows Phone, and thus has only been impleme...

Mango - 🏀 An Android app for dribbble.com

  •    Kotlin

Mango is an Android application for Dribbble. Inspired by Resplash, Plaid and Protein.Open the Mango/ directory in Android Studio.

mango-admin - CLI for Mango

  •    Javascript

A commandline tool for Mango. Supports repository creation and management. It works like Github for repositories. See the main Mango repository for further explanation. Note: this will mark a repository obsolete, but will not delete any data.

sqltomango - SQL to Mango (Cloudant Query) JSON converter library

  •    Javascript

A simple Node.js library that converts Structured Query Language (SQL) into CouchDB Mango / Cloudant Query JSON objects. Mango is the code name for the query language used in Apache CouchDB and IBM Cloudant. It uses JSON to represent queries. This tool converts SQL strings into Mango objects, to allow users to interact with CouchDB/Cloudant database with SQL queries.

cuesheet - A framework for writing Spark 2.x applications in a pretty way

  •    Scala

CueSheet is a framework for writing Apache Spark 2.x applications more conveniently, designed to neatly separate the concerns of the business logic and the deployment environment, as well as to minimize the usage of shell scripts which are inconvenient to write and do not support validation. To jump-start, check out cuesheet-starter-kit which provides the skeleton for building CueSheet applications. CueSheet is featured in Spark Summit East 2017. CueSheet will take care of creating SparkContext or SparkSession according to the configuration given in a separate file, so that your application code can contain just the business logic. Furthermore, CueSheet will launch the application locally or to a YARN cluster by simply running your object as a Java application, eliminating the need to use spark-submit and accompanying shell scripts.

mango-node - This is the Node.js library that allows interaction with Mango API

  •    Javascript

In order to create a Charge, you must call the create() method with the required arguments. Install the module along with the dev dependencies.

vue-pouch-db - Vue Pouch DB is a VueJS Plugin that binds PouchDB with Vue and keeps a synchronised state with the database

  •    Javascript

Vue Pouch DB is a VueJS Plugin that binds PouchDB with Vue and keeps a synchronised state with the database. Has support for Mango queries which are processed locally within the VuePouchDB state. The bucket is a global config object (schema), that you can set configurations globally or per database.

mango - mango is a powerful and simple golang web framework

  •    Go

mango is a powerful and simple golang web framework. It borrowed from Python web.py and tornado framework design.

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