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mal - mal - Make a Lisp

  •    Assembly

Mal is a Clojure inspired Lisp interpreter.Mal is a learning tool. See the make-a-lisp process guide. Each implementation of mal is separated into 11 incremental, self-contained (and testable) steps that demonstrate core concepts of Lisp. The last step is capable of self-hosting (running the mal implementation of mal).

miniMAL - A Delightfully Diminutive Lisp

  •    Javascript

A Delightfully Dimuntive Lisp.The miniMAL core interpreter is implemented in less than 1024 bytes of JavaScript (uglify/regpack). There is also an implementation of miniMAL in python (1.4K as a pyz file) and ClojureScript (1.8K after minification).

popura - NodeJS wrapper for MyAnimeList API

  •    Javascript

Popura is a promise-returning wrapper for MAL API. MAL API is broken. Popura wont work until they solve their internal issues.

mal - MAL: A MyAnimeList Command Line Interface [BROKEN: BLAME MyAnimeList]

  •    Python

mal is a command-line client for MyAnimeList, via the official API. One of the major design goals of this project is to avoid the use of web-scraping, which means it should work indefinitely. Other projects that scrape the website tend to break whenever MyAnimeList has an update, rarely ever recovering from the needed maintenance as a result.

mikan - MAL AKA MyanimeList Json Rest API

  •    API

Get a full MyAnimeList information on any kind of anime and manga (WIP) using their respective MAL ID. Made for our new soon-to-be-released app Setsuna and for future projects. JSON Rest Endpoints.

go-myanimelist - Go library for accessing the MyAnimeList API: http://myanimelist

  •    Go

go-myanimelist is a Go client library for accessing the MyAnimeList API. Then use one of the client's services (Account, Anime or Manga) to access the different MyAnimeList API methods.