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shelljs - :shell: Portable Unix shell commands for Node.js

  •    Javascript

If you have feedback, suggestions, or need help, feel free to post in our issue tracker.Upgrading from an older version? Check out our breaking changes page to see what changes to watch out for while upgrading.

mmake - Modern Make

  •    Go

Mmake is a small program which wraps make to provide additional functionality, such as user-friendly help output, remote includes, and eventually more. It otherwise acts as a pass-through to standard make.Make's primary function is not to serve as a "task runner", however it's often used for that scenario due to its ubiquitous nature, and if you're already using it, why not! Make is however lacking a built-in mechanism for displaying help information.

mal - mal - Make a Lisp

  •    Assembly

Mal is a Clojure inspired Lisp interpreter.Mal is a learning tool. See the make-a-lisp process guide. Each implementation of mal is separated into 11 incremental, self-contained (and testable) steps that demonstrate core concepts of Lisp. The last step is capable of self-hosting (running the mal implementation of mal).

learning-cmake - learning cmake

  •    CMake

This is a simple CMake tutorial project which contains some different scenarios.

cv-boilerplate - Programmatic generation of high-quality CVs

  •    TeX

A boilerplate to ease the pain of building and maintaining a CV or résumé using LaTeX. That makes super easy to update a CV while keeping a consistent structure.

theos - A cross-platform suite of tools for building and deploying software for iOS and other platforms

  •    Makefile

Please note: Theos has undergone a number of changes recently. To learn more, visit the wiki. See LICENSE.md for licensing information.

maid - Markdown driven task runner.

  •    Javascript

Markdown driven task runner. PRO TIP: you can use npx or yarn command to run any locally installed executable that is inside node_modules/.bin/, e.g. use yarn maid to run the locally installed maid command.

erlang.mk - A build tool for Erlang that just works.

  •    Makefile

A build tool for Erlang that just works. Embrace the power and simplicity of Makefiles.

invoice-boilerplate - Simple automated LaTeX invoicing system

  •    TeX

Simple automated LaTeX invoicing system for freelancers. Built along the lines of cv-boilerplate and letter-boilerplate, this boilerplate contains the bare minimum to produce a professional-looking invoice with the least possible effort, so you can concentrate on things that matters.

task - A task runner / simpler Make alternative written in Go

  •    Go

Task is a simple tool that allows you to easily run development and build tasks. Task is written in Golang, but can be used to develop any language. It aims to be simpler and easier to use then GNU Make.Or you can download the binary from the releases page and add to your PATH. DEB and RPM packages are also available. The task_checksums.txt file contains the SHA-256 checksum for each file.

sbt-pack - A sbt plugin for creating distributable Scala packages.

  •    Scala

A sbt plugin for creating distributable Scala packages that include dependent jars and launch scripts. Now you can use sbt pack command in your project.

GENie - GENie - Project generator tool

  •    C

GENie (pronounced as Jenny) is project generator tool. It automagically generates project from Lua script, making applying the same settings for multiple projects easy. Initial version of GENie is fork of Premake 4.4 beta 5, and there is no intention to keep it compatible with it.

template-python - A template for new Python libraries.

  •    Python

Generates the structure for Python libraries using cookiecutter. Cookiecutter will ask you for some basic info (your name, project name, python package name, etc.) and generate a base Python project for you.

letter-boilerplate - Finest letter typesetting from the command line

  •    TeX

A boilerplate to quickly and painlessly generate high-quality letters through LaTeX. To install LaTeX on Mac OS X, I recommend getting the smaller version BasicTeX from here and installing the additional packages with tlmgr afterwards. Same goes for Linux: install texlive-base with your package manager and add the needed additional packages later.

rlp - An Example of Using Literate Programming for R Package Development

  •    R

This is an example package of using Literate Programming for developing R packages. Most R package authors probably write R code in the R scripts under the R/ directory, and use comments to explain code. This package shows that you do not have to develop a package in this way. You may write R code in R Markdown documents, and extract the code to the R/ directory automatically via knitr::purl(). At the same time, you will get a nicely formatted output document displaying the source code chunks as well as the text/prose chunks, and this output document can be a package vignette. Please see the package homepage for more details: http://yihui.name/rlp. This package is licensed under MIT, and you are welcome to file issues or submit pull requests. Let me also thank whomever invented holidays, which is often my most productive time. Oh I cannot live without holidays.

mkfile - Full-feature ES2015+ driven task runner.

  •    Javascript

Task driven build tool.Full-feature ES2015+ driven task runner.

orbit - :satellite: A simple tool for running commands and generating files from templates

  •    Go

Orbit started with the need to find a cross-platform alternative of make and sed -i commands. As it does not aim to be as powerful as these two commands, Orbit offers an elegant solution for running commands and generating files from templates, whatever the platform you're using.Download the latest release of Orbit from the releases page. You can get Orbit for a large range of OS and architecture.

make.go - A Go script that could replace your Makefile.

  •    Go

A Go script that could replace your Makefile.This script is meant to live in your project's root and used with go run make.go.

n8-make - Opinionated Makefile to build ES6 JS, JSX and Pug files

  •    Makefile

n8-make is a wrapper around make with a Makefile designed to compile JavaScript (and related) files for usage with Node.js and the web browser.The n8-make command invokes the system's make with its Makefile. Any arguments you pass to n8-make get passed along to make.