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Cockatrice - A cross-platform virtual tabletop for multiplayer card games

  •    C++

Cockatrice is an open-source, multiplatform program for playing tabletop card games over a network. The program's server design prevents users from manipulating the game for unfair advantage. The client also provides a single-player mode, which allows users to brew while offline. This project uses C++ and the Qt5 libraries. Downloads are available for full releases and the current beta version in development. Full releases are checkpoints featuring major feature or UI enhancements - we recommend to use those. There is no strict schedule for new full releases.

Magic Cove : A Card Game Simulator


Magic Cove: A Card Game Simulator is a program that allow users to battle against friends in the game Magic the Gathering or another card game.(Developed in C#)


  •    WPF

UrzaGatherer is a WPF 4.0 client application to handle Magic The Gathering cards collections. You can manage expansions, blocks and all informations about cards. You can browse and search for specific cards.

mtgnode - A realtime web application for Magic the Gathering.

  •    Javascript

MTG Node is a personal experiment with node.js and socket.io. My intention is to create a simple web application enabling you to play Magic the Gathering with friends through a web browser. My goal is not to enforce the rules of the game whatsoever but just to provide a digital interface that could be played the same way you would with real cards. The application is still pretty ugly and basic but does the job.

decker - Create decks to use with Table Top Simulator!

  •    Go

A tool for creating trading card decks for Table Top Simulator. At the moment, it only supports magic and pokemon decks. Have a look at the provided example decks on how to format a deck.

docker-mtgo - Docker image with ready-to-play MTGO (Magic Online) for Linux and macOS

  •    Shell

This image provides a ready-to-play Magic The Gathering Online (MTGO) for Linux and macOS. It is based on i386/debian:stretch-slim and wine 3.14.

mtg-sdk-typescript - Magic: The Gathering SDK - Typescript

  •    TypeScript

An sdk for https://magicthegathering.io/ written in Typescript. Works for JavaScript and TypeScript development. As of February 19th, 2018, all features of https://magicthegathering.io/ are supported.

mtg-card-creator-api - Code for running a Magic card image generator API

  •    Python

API to create Magic card images by using Magic Set Editor and wine, enclosed in a Docker container. Input is an encoded card string via mtg-gpt-2-cloud-run, outputs are Gatherer-formated text and a card image. The API wraps code from Bill Zorn's mtgencode (MIT, and Python 2 so the container includes a Python 2.7 runtime), and Magic Set Editor to render the cards into JPEGs.

mtg-gpt-2-cloud-run - Code and UI for running a Magic card text generator API via GPT-2

  •    HTML

Code and UI for running a Magic card text generator API using gpt-2-cloud-run. The card image in the UI is generated by mtg-card-creator-api. You can play with the API here. You can see examples of card text generation at various temperatures in the generated_card_dumps folder. Temperatures 0.7 and 1.0 are mostly normal, 1.2 is when the network starts making its own mechanics/cards, 1.5 and 2.0 is when the network becomes MTGCardsmith.

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