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MachO-Kit - A C/Objective-C library for parsing Mach-O files.

  •    Objective-C

Mach-O Kit is an Objective-C framework for parsing Mach-O binaries used by Darwin platforms (macOS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS). The project also includes a lightweight C library - libMachO - for parsing Mach-O images loaded in the current process. Mach-O Kit is designed to be easy to use while still exposing all the details of the parsed Mach-O file (if you need them). It can serve as the foundation for anything that needs to read Mach-O files - from a one-off command line tool up to a fully featured interactive disassembler. Most importantly, Mach-O Kit is designed to be safe. Every read operation and its returned data is extensively error checked so that parsing a malformed Mach-O file (even a malicious one) does not crash your program.

EnVisen - ROP gadget finder and analysis in pure Javascript

  •    Javascript

⚠️ This tool may only be used for educational, teaching, learning, understanding and research purposes only. Completely self-contained binary ROP/JOP gadget analyzer for comparing two binaries side-by-side and understanding their structures, in 100% pure Javascript, and a self-contained client-side browser application. Focussed on extreme simplicity of usage and portability across platforms.

go-macho - Package macho implements access to and creation of Mach-O object files.

  •    Go

Package macho implements access to and creation of Mach-O object files.

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