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LyricsX - 🎶 Lyrics for iTunes, Spotify, Vox and Audirvana Plus.

  •    Swift

LyricsX is a plugin for iTunes, Spotify and Vox, which auto search and download lyrics for the current playing from Internet, and displays them in the desktop and menubar. LyricsX for iOS is in beta stage.

rapping-neural-network - Rap song writing recurrent neural network trained on Kanye West's entire discography

  •    Python

This is a generative art project I made for my high school's programming club - which I'm the president/founder of I was the president/founder of until I graduated the other month. It's a neural network that has been trained on Kanye West's discography, and can use any lyrics you feed it and write a new song word by word that rhymes and has a flow (to an extent).

MusicRepair - Fixes music metadata and adds album art.

  •    Go

Download the latest binary from the releases page. Initially, you'll have to add the Spotify credentials.

iTunes Fast Forward

  •    CSharp

A Windows iTunes Companion with these features : Global Hot Keys, Cover art fetch, Toaster, last.fm Scrobble, Lyrics Fetch, Auto-tag feature. It's developed in C# using WPF and the MVVM design pattern.



GetMp3 permette di scaricare musica mp3 di alta qualità e anche di ascoltarla in streaming

musicmood - A machine learning approach to classify songs by mood.

  •    OpenEdge

This project is about building a music recommendation system for users who want to listen to happy songs. Such a system can not only be used to brighten up one's mood on a rainy weekend; especially in hospitals, other medical clinics, or public locations such as restaurants, the MusicMood classifier could be used to spread positive mood among people.

SwagLyrics-For-Spotify - 📃 Get lyrics of currently playing Spotify song so you don't sing along with the wrong ones and embarrass yourself later

  •    Python

Fetches the currently playing song from Spotify on Windows, Linux and macOS and displays the lyrics in the command-line, browser tab or in a desktop application. Refreshes automatically when song changes. The lyrics are fetched from Genius. Turns out Deezer already has this feature in-built but with swaglyrics, you can have it in Spotify as well. I'm mainly trying to build this project as far as I can, for practice and to learn and work with more technologies and platforms.

spotify-lyrics - Lyrics companion desktop app for Spotify

  •    Javascript

Lyrics companion desktop app for Spotify. Currently supports macOS and Linux. Open Lyrics for Spotify alongside with Spotify.

Lyricaly - :musical_note: Lyricaly gets Lyrics delivered to your Terminal for any Song

  •    Python

:musical_note: Lyricaly gets Lyrics delivered to your Terminal for any Song. Uses Python beautifulsoup4 to scrap lyrics. pypi: lyricaly

golyrics - A simple Go package to fetch lyrics from Wikia

  •    Go

This is a simple scrapper package to fetch lyrics data from the Wikia website.Remember to write a few tests for your code before sending pull requests.

lyricsify-mac - A simple Spotify lyrics viewer menu bar app for macOS in Swift 3

  •    Swift

You can grab the DMG file of the application from the releases. The installation is as easy as opening DMG file and dragging the application file to your Applications folder.This application works by scrapping public data from websites. This looks like simulating user actions in a web browser. Unfortunately, using a scrapper to fetch data from some websites may violate their terms.

songtext - command-line song lyric fetcher

  •    Python

A command-line song lyric fetcher. Inspired by @gleitz's howdoi. Name from the German word for "lyrics".

lyvi - 🎶 Command-line lyrics (and more!) viewer

  •    Python

This will also be done for you when issuing the setup.py script. Chances are that all these are available by your package manager.

lLyrics - A Rhythmbox plugin for displaying lyrics in the sidebar.

  •    Python

lLyrics is a plugin for Rhythmbox, which displays lyrics for the current playing song in the sidebar. It is intended as a replacement of the built-in lyrics plugin of Rhythmbox with more features, better UI integration and more lyrics engines.

Transposer - For transposing simple songs written as plain text with chords above the lyrics.

  •    PHP

For transposing simple songs written as plain text with chords above the lyrics. For an example with chorus and simple css styling, see sample.php.

lyrics - Save, search and play the lyrics

  •    Shell

Download and save the lyrics for the current playing song and interactively search and play the song from the saved database. The lyrics application creates a local database where it saves the lyrics after each succesful search, minus the free-form searches (google-like) as in these cases, the artist and song name are not known with 100% certainty. Google searches would have been best, as it speeds up the process tremendously, but google doesn't want that. Use it at your own peril as you might get blacklisted from too many searches. I think darklyrics and azlyrics might do that too. The alternative is to search each website in turn, until a result is found. This is slow, so pick your most likely sources beforehand, using the -w option, or by exporting the LYRICS_WEBSITES enviornment variable. See the -h(help) option for info.

Carol - A minimal and beautiful lyrics app for macOS

  •    CSharp

Download the latest release from here. Note - If you security settings do not allow to install apps from third party developers, go to Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General Tab. You will be shown an Open Anyway button if you had tried to install the app before. Use this and you will be good to go.

lyric-api-go - :musical_score: API to search for lyrics from various providers.

  •    Go

This library provides an API to search for lyrics from various providers. Please refer to the test files, examples, and GoDoc for more details on using the providers.

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