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jira-journal - :performing_arts: Bot that interacts as your bullet journal for JIRA worklogs.

  •    Javascript

JIRA Journal is a new kinda bot that interacts as your bullet journal for JIRA Worklogs. JIRA Journal is updated monthly with new features and bug fixes. You can use it with Skype for now and is limited only for 99X Technology employees with JIRA access to report time. This version of JIRA Journal is built using Bot Framework with a NodeJS backend. This project has adopted the Open Source Code of Conduct of 99X Technology. For more information contact opensource@99xt.lk with any additional questions and comments.

botbuilder-tools - Tools for developers building bots with Microsoft Bot Framework

  •    TypeScript

Before writing code, review the bot design guidelines for best practices and identify the needs for your bot: will a basic bot be enough or whether it should have more sophisticated capabilities, such as speech, language understanding, QnA, or the ability to extract knowledge from different sources and provide intelligent answers. This is also the phase where you might want to create mockup of conversations between the user and the bot for the specific scenarios your bot will support. Chatdown is the tool built for this purpose. You can author .chat files that mockup the conversations and then use chatdown CLI to convert them into rich transcripts. As you build your bot, you may also need to integrate AI services like LUIS.ai for language understanding, QnAMaker.ai for your bot to respond to simple questions in a Q&A format, and more. You can bootstrap language understanding for your bot using LUDown.

three-vue-pattern - A biofeedback visualization made with Three

  •    Vue

I have wanted to be able to update a three.js visualization on the fly with Vue for a little while ago. This app started with the base concepts outlined in this repo and refactors/extends them to be manipulated by your emotion based on speech. You can update the visualization (through state in Vuex) by using LUIS to analyze your speech. LUIS is a machine learning based service to build natural language through the use of custom models that can continuously improve. We can use this for apps, bots, and even IoT devices. Here we're guiding our visualization, first by telling it our mood, and then we're able to control with it with our voice to update it on the fly and without the use of our hands. The purpose of this demo is to create a biofeedback visualization for those who are trying to guide themselves through healing. There's more information in my Live and Machine Learn talk that I will be giving at Microsoft Build, and possibly a subsequent article.

NLU.DevOps - Tools supporting continuous integration and deployment for NLU services.

  •    CSharp

Continuous integration and deployment of NLU models. This will install the CLI tool to your default .NET Core tools path. See the documentation on the dotnet tool install command for more information on how to customize the installation directory or package source.

Skype-Bots-Succinctly - This is the companion repo for Skype Bots Succinctly by Ed Freitas

  •    CSharp

This is the companion repo for Skype Bots Succinctly by Ed Freitas. Published by Syncfusion. Check out the entire library of more than 130 Succinctly e-books at https://www.syncfusion.com/ebooks.

botkit-middleware-luis - Middleware for using http://luis.ai with Botkit-powered bots

  •    Javascript

This middleware plugin for Botkit allows you to seamlessly integrate Luis natural language intent APIs into your Botkit bot. One of the key problems in human-computer interactions is the ability of the computer to understand what a person wants, and to find the pieces of information that are relevant to their intent. For example, in a news-browsing app, you might say "Get news about virtual reality companies," in which case there is the intention to FindNews, and "virtual reality companies" is the topic. LUIS is designed to enable you to very quickly deploy an http endpoint that will take the sentences you send it, and interpret them in terms of the intention they convey, and the key entities like "virtual reality companies" that are present. LUIS lets you custom design the set of intentions and entities that are relevant to the application, and then guides you through the process of building a language understanding system.

microsoft-bot-framework-poc - Our experiments with a Microsoft Bot Framework and LUIS cognitive service

  •    Javascript

This bot is used to sell insurance and integrates with our LAB Insurance Sales Portal. This bot is build with Bot Builder SDK (Microsoft Bot Framework) v3.

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