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sol2 - Sol3 (sol2 v3

  •    C++

sol is a C++ library binding to Lua. It currently supports all Lua versions 5.1+ (LuaJIT 2.x included). sol aims to be easy to use and easy to add to a project. The library is header-only for easy integration with projects. Find it here. A run-through kind of tutorial is here! The API documentation goes over most cases (particularly, the "api/usertype" and "api/table_proxy" and "api/function" sections) that should still get you off your feet and going, and there's an examples directory here as well.

ponder - C++ reflection library

  •    C++

V1 replaced Boost with C++11. V2 added Lua bindings. V3 refactored to remove some warts, ease future development, and re-add serialisation. API is evolving. Ponder is a C++ multi-purpose reflection library. It provides an abstraction for most of the high-level concepts of C++: classes, enumerations, functions, properties.

luaposix - Lua bindings for POSIX APIs

  •    C

This is a POSIX binding for LuaJIT, Lua 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3; like most libraries it simply binds to C APIs on the underlying system, so it won't work on non-POSIX systems. However, it does try to detect the level of POSIX conformance of the underlying system and bind only available APIs. For a while, luaposix contained support for curses functionality too, but now it has its own lcurses repository again, where it is being maintained separately.

h2engine - H2服务器引擎架构是轻量级的,与其说是引擎,个人觉得称之为平台更为合适。因为它封装的功能少之又少,但是提供了非常简洁方便的扩展机制,使得可以用C++、python、lua、js、php来开发具体的服务器功能。H2引擎的灵感来源于web服务器Apache。

  •    C


luagcrypt - luagcrypt is a Lua interface to the libgcrypt library, written in C.

  •    C

Luagcrypt is a Lua binding to the Libgcrypt cryptographic library. Symmetric encryption/decryption (AES, etc.) and hashing (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, etc.) are supported. It is compatible with Lua 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 and runs on Linux, OS X and Windows.

pugilua - a lua binding for pugixml

  •    C++

An almost one-to-one lua binding for pugixml. A premake4 script and a couple of batch files reside in the top directory to generate makefiles into the Build directory. The generated Visual Studio 2013 solution is available in the repository.

libuhttpd - A Lightweight and fully asynchronous HTTP server library based on libubox for Embedded Linux and support Lua

  •    C

A Lightweight and fully asynchronous HTTP server library based on libubox and referenced from uhttpd for Embedded Linux. If the install command fails, you can compile it yourself.

lua-llthreads2 - `llthreads` library rewritten without `LuaNativeObjects` code generator

  •    Lua

This is full dropin replacement for llthreads library. In this example I use lua-log library.

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