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colorls - A Ruby gem that beautifies the terminal's ls command, with color and font-awesome icons

  •    Ruby

A Ruby script that colorizes the ls output with color and icons. Here are the screenshots of working example on an iTerm2 terminal (Mac OS), oh-my-zsh with powerlevel9k theme and powerline nerd-font + awesome-config font with the Solarized Dark color theme.If you're interested in knowing the powerlevel9k configuration to get this prompt, have a look at this gist.

exa - Replacement for 'ls' written in Rust.

  •    Rust

exa is a replacement for ls written in Rust. exa’s options are almost, but not quite, entirely unlike ls's.

linux-command - Linux命令大全搜索工具,内容包含Linux命令手册、详解、学习、搜集。https://git.io/linux

  •    HTML

540多个 Linux 命令,内容包含 Linux 命令手册、详解、学习,值得收藏的 Linux 命令速查手册。请原谅我写了个爬虫,爬了他们家的数据 linuxde.net ,同时进行了编辑,增加了一些数据。对他们的辛勤劳动表示敬意,个人希望能本地离线搜索,不喜欢广告,希望得到干净漂亮的预览界面,业余和工作时间需要使用大量的命令,所以干了一件看似比较愚蠢的事情,在回头有空的时候估计能做一个App?,或者是命令行帮助工具?但目前还没有计划...

lsd - The next gen ls command

  •    Rust

This project is heavily inspired by the super colorls project but with some little differences. For example it is written in rust and not in ruby which makes it much faster. Install the patched fonts of powerline nerd-font and/or font-awesome. Have a look at the Nerd Font README for more installation instructions. Don't forget to setup your terminal in order to use the correct font.

ls-- - ls on steroids

  •    Perl

ls++ [OPTION]... [FILE]... Not known parameters will be passed through to ls, so to show hidden files, -a or -A might be added. See ls(1) for more information.

lsp - lsp is like ls command but more human-friendly

  •    Go

-t key for when you are interested in modification time. It turns to the mode that makes most sense to me when I want to look up modtimes, sorted within file groups from recent to latest: Sometimes relative times are not very readible as well (like when you are interested in a specific date), use two flags -sl to show the full UTC timestamp in properties. The file information is collected asynchronously, BFS-like, with a separate thread for each file and a timeout threshold.

prelude-ls - prelude

  •    LiveScript

is a functionally oriented utility library. It is powerful and flexible. Almost all of its functions are curried. It is written in, and is the recommended base library for, LiveScript. See the prelude.ls site for examples, a reference, and more.

npm-remote-ls - Examine a package's dependency graph before you install it

  •    Javascript

Examine a package's dependency graph before you install it

remote-git-tags - Get tags from a remote git repo. Using only JS. No git binary required.

  •    Javascript

Like git ls-remote, which doesn't require cloning the repo, but this is 100% JavaScript, meaning no dependency on the Git binary.Really just some minor glue to @chrisdickinson's awesome work on reimplementing Git in JavaScript.

node-ls-archive - Node Module for archive files

  •    CoffeeScript

List or read the files and folders inside archive files.List the files and folders inside the archive file path. The callback gets two arguments (error, archiveEntries).

Get-ChildItemColor - Add coloring to the output of Get-ChildItem Cmdlet of PowerShell.

  •    PowerShell

PowerShellGet is required, which is included in Windows 10 and WMF5. If you are using PowerShell V3 or V4, you will need to install PowerShellGet. Then, you can simply run Install-Module Get-ChildItemColor (or Install-Module Get-ChildItemColor -Scope CurrentUser).

aspax - The simple Node.js asset packager.

  •    CoffeeScript

That's it. No complicated .initConfig(), no redundant code to describe tasks in JavaScript or CoffeeScript, just a simple YML file in your assets folder. On May 23rd 2017 I've decided to stop maintaining ASPAX. See the note below for more info.

nord-dircolors - An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant dircolors color theme.

  •    Shell

An arctic, north-bluish clean and elegant dircolors color theme. Designed for a fluent and clear workflow. Based on the Nord color palette.

cli-columns - Columnated lists for the CLI. Unicode and ANSI safe.

  •    Javascript

Columnated lists for the CLI. Unicode and ANSI safe. Sorts and formats a list of values into columns suitable to display in a given width.

ls - Zsh plugin for ls

  •    Shell

Add the following to your .zshrc file somewhere after you source zpm. Add antigen bundle zpm-zsh/ls to your .zshrc where you're adding your other plugins. Antigen will clone the plugin for you and add it to your antigen setup the next time you start a new shell.

lemminx - XML Language Server

  •    Java

LemMinX is a XML Language Server Protocol (LSP), and can be used with any editor that supports LSP, to offer an outstanding XML editing experience

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