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journalbeat - Journalbeat is a log shipper from systemd/journald to Logstash/Elasticsearch

  •    Go

Journalbeat is the Beat used for log shipping from systemd/journald based Linux systems. It follows the system journal very much like journalctl -f and sends the data to Logstash/Elasticsearch (or whatever you configured for your beat). Journalbeat is targeting pure systemd distributions like CoreOS, Atomic Host, or others. There are no intentions to add support for older systems that do not use journald.

timber-js - 🌲 Great Node/JS logging made easy

  •    TypeScript

Timber.io is a hosted service for aggregating logs across your entire stack - any language, any platform, any data source. Unlike traditional logging tools, Timber integrates with language runtimes to automatically capture in-app context, turning your text-based logs into rich structured events. Timber integrates with Node / Javascript through this library. And Timber's rich free-form query tools and real-time tailing, make drilling down into important stats easier than ever.

agent - 🌲 Highly efficient agent that streams logs (files and STDIN) to your Timber account.

  •    Go

The Timber Agent is a cross-platform natively-compiled utility for capturing log data (file & STDIN) and sending it to Timber.io. It is designed to be light weight, highly efficient, and reliable without the need for dependencies. All releases can be found here. Special URLs that point to the current releases can be found here.

sematext-logsene-android - Sematext Logsene Client Library for Android

  •    Java

Logsene client library for Android. This library let you collect mobile analytics and log data from your Android applications.

winston-logsene - Winston Transport for Logsene

  •    Javascript

This is a transport module for the winston logger winstonjs/winston for logging with Logsene by Sematext. Winston-Logsene combines the flexibility of using the Winston logging framework with Logsene (think Hosted Elasticsearch + Kibana). Create your free account and access token here.