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Aurora - Unified lighting effects across multiple brands and various games.

  •    CSharp

Project Aurora is a utility that unifies RGB lighting devices across different brands and enables them to work alongside each other, all while adding and improving RGB lighting support for various games that previous had none or little RGB lighting support. Aurora is mainly written in C#, but has C++ components to implement native support for other games.

GammaJul LgLcd


A .NET wrapper around the Logitech SDK for G15/G19 keyboard screens. Supports raw byte sending, GDI+ drawing and rendering WPF elements onto the screen.


  •    DotNet

A direct Win32 DLL and .NET wrapper for the Logitech G15 LCD keyboard library. This is a direct wrapping/port and provides access to the methods documented in the Logitech SDK from .NET languages and other languages that support access to native Win32 Dlls (Python, Ruby, etc.)



G15FS9 is an application that interfaces FS9 with the G15 LCD display. Speed/Altitude/Fuel etc are displayed. Developed in VB.NET 2009.

KeyboardVisualizer - Razer Chroma, Corsair RGB, and other RGB peripherals spectrograph visualizer for Windows and Linux

  •    C++

You must have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 32-bit redistributable package installed to run this program (Windows). To build this project in Linux, install QT Creator and libopenal-dev, libhidapi-dev and open/build the .pro file.

Artemis - Adds third-party support for RGB keyboards to games.

  •    CSharp

For online games we greatly prefer to use an official API, since memory reading is frowned upon by anti-cheat sofware. All this is done in the profile editor. For each game and keyboard we provide a default profile, but you're free to duplicate and modify this, or create one entirely from scratch.

cylon-joystick - Cylon adaptor and driver for HID joysticks/controllers

  •    Javascript

Cylon.js (http://cylonjs.com) is a JavaScript framework for robotics, physical computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT).This repository contains the adaptor/driver for communicating with joysticks and game controllers. It can be used with any [SDL][http://www.libsdl.org/]-compatible controller.

node-uvc-control - Control UVC compliant USB webcams from node

  •    Javascript

Control a USB Video Class compliant webcam from node. Most modern USB webcams use a common set of controls standardized by the USB Implementers Forum. You can use this set of controls to change certain things on the camera, such as the brightness, contrast, zoom level, focus and so on. Every USB device has a vendorId and productId. You can use Device Manager (Windows), System Information (Mac) or lsusb (Linux) to find these, or you can use the list-devices.js in this repo to find the right paramters.

harmonyhubjs-client - A Node.JS library which allows you to interact with your Logitech Harmony Hub.

  •    Javascript

harmonyhubjs-client is a Node.JS library which allows you to interact with your Logitech Harmony Hub. It was based upon @jterraces awesome Harmony protocol guide. harmonyhubjs-client provides an extended protocol guide for the interested ones.

harmonyhubjs-discover - A Node

  •    Javascript

harmonyhubjs-discover is a Node.JS library which lookups available Logitech Harmony hubs in the local network. There are further examples available within the examples/ directory.

node-logitechmediaserver - Listen to and control Logitech Media Server (previously Squeezebox Server)

  •    Javascript

Just some code I wrote for my home automation system. Connects javascript to a Logitech Media Server (formerly Squeezebox Server). It provides a "telnet server" which I just connect to using net.createConnection. See example.js for how to use.

g203-led - Logitech G203 Prodigy Mouse LED control for Linux

  •    Python

Allows you to control the LED lighting of your G203 Prodigy Mouse programmatically. Inspired by and based on g810-led.

trollibox - The hackerspace friendly music player web client

  •    Go

The hackerspace friendly MPD music player web client. We're not using semantic versioning yet, but it is safe to install from the master branch. Altough this also means that some things (like the stored stream database) may break if you update it.

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