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redux-logic - Redux middleware for organizing all your business logic

  •    Javascript

Use the type of code you and your team are comfortable and experienced with. Testing your logic is straight forward and simple. redux-logic-test provides additional utilities to make testing a breeze.

TypeDB - A strongly-typed database

  •    Java

TypeDB is a strongly-typed database with a rich and logical type system. TypeDB empowers you to tackle complex problems, and TypeQL is its query language. TypeDB allows you to model your domain based on logical and object-oriented principles. Composed of entity, relationship, and attribute types, as well as type hierarchies, roles, and rules, TypeDB allows you to think higher-level as opposed to join-tables, columns, documents, vertices, edges, and properties.

AnaLog - Analyse Logique


Software for logical equations analyse.



AroLibraries contains extension methods Advantages of extension methods: (1) Operate on object methods (2) Hiding additional operation (3) Readable code

Digital Logic Simulator in Silverlight

  •    Silverlight

This project is a basic simulator for digital logic circuits. It includes a variety of gates (AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, NOT), JK and D type flip-flops, a pulse generator, logic high and low levels, wires, and switches.

core.logic - A logic programming library for Clojure & ClojureScript

  •    Clojure

A logic programming library for Clojure & ClojureScript. core.logic offers Prolog-like relational programming, constraint logic programming, and nominal logic programming for Clojure. At its heart is an original implementation of miniKanren as described in William Byrd's dissertation Relational Programming in miniKanren: Techniques, Applications, and Implementations as well as the extensions described in cKanren and αKanren. It is designed to be easily extended to forms of logic programming beyond the ones provided.


  •    Javascript

General satisfiability solver for logic problems

awesome-prolog - ⚡️ Curated list of Prolog packages and resources


A curated list of open-source Prolog frameworks, libraries and resources.Have a look at the Contributing Guidelines on how to get started.

hypermatch - A fast, sandboxed micro matching engine with serializable rules.

  •    Javascript

A fast, sandboxed matching engine with serializable rules. Using Hypermatch, you can define streams of traffic, audiences, or just a partition of objects using simple logical rules. A collection of rules like "Browser is Firefox" and "Browser is Chrome or query string matches 'mobile'" form such audiences. Each rule definition is already a fully compatible JSON object, so that the rules are serializable by default.

salt - State And Logic Traversal, for today's infinite-application

  •    Javascript

State And Logic Traversal, for today's infinite-application. Salt is a state-based JavaScript library that offers unparalleled code organization and unprecedented flow control. No matter how you write code, the event loop sees it as a sequence of functions, invoked over time. Salt provides a simple pattern to describe those sequences, along with an API to control timing. The result is an async-agnostic flow of your functionality, in code, bridging the gap between specification and implementation.

ipc_solver - O(N log N)-space IPC solver in OCaml

  •    OCaml

It determines whether a given statement in Intuitionistic Propositional Calculus (IPC) is provable or not. Please prepare your consumer key, consumer secret, access token, and access token secret.

haskell-picosat - Haskell bindings for PicoSAT solver

  •    C

haskell-picosat are Haskell bindings to the PicoSAT solver, written in C. It reads in clauses in CNF ( Conjunctive-Normal Form ) and returns a solution which satisfies the clauses. The most notable distinction of this binding is that the SAT solver library is included with the cabal package so you shouldn't need to install anything but this package to get going. It's also notably faster than a pure Haskell solution at solving very large constraint problems.

picologic - Logic expressions for PicoSAT solver

  •    Haskell

Picologic is a lightweight library for working with symbolic logic expressions. It is built against the picosat Haskell library which bundles the SAT solver with the Haskell package so no external solver or dependencies are necessary. Picologic provides the logic expressions, parser and normal form conversion functions to express the logic expressions more naturally and then feed them to the SAT solver.

smartass - Test your javascript knowledge

  •    Javascript

This is a collection of javascript questions that you can use to improve your javascript skill and logic. To solve a problem, simply open answer directory and find the problem you want to solve. Each questions will be written as comment above the answer placeholder. Write your answer there and verify your answer using test command. Grab a copy of the problem sets and install dependencies. The only dependency to this module is a test framework to verify your answer.

zipperposition - An automatic theorem prover in OCaml for typed logic with equality, datatypes and arithmetic, based on superposition+rewriting; supporting libraries for manipulating terms, formulas, clauses, etc

  •    OCaml

Automated theorem prover for first-order logic with equality and theories. Logic toolkit (logtk), designed primarily for first-order automated reasoning. It aims at providing basic types and algorithms (terms, unification, orderings, indexing, etc.) that can be factored out of several applications.

limbo - A Reasoning System for a First-Order Logic of Limited Belief

  •    C++

Limbo is a reasoning system for modelling and querying an agent's knowledge. Limbo features a highly expressive modelling language (with functions, equality, quantification, introspective modal operators), but maintains attractive computational properties. Great expressivity usually brings along great computational complexity. Limbo avoids the computational cliff using the theory of limited belief, which offers a principled way to control the computational effort and preserves decidability and, in the propositional case, even tractability.

truth-table - Visualize your propositions as a truth table

  •    Javascript

This is a tool to visualize your propositions as truth tables. Open Truth Table.

CSCv2 - Version 2 of my Crazy Small CPU

  •    Perl

This repository holds the files associated with Warren's crazy small breadboard CPU built with only eleven chips. For more details on the design of the CPU itself, see the Crazy Small CPU website. The Verilog directory holds an implementation of the CPU in Icarus Verilog. A description of the CPU's instruction set can be found in Instructions.md. A description of the cas assembler and the csim simulator can be found in Usage.md.

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