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graylog-ansible-role - Ansible role which installs and configures Graylog

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Ansible role which installs and configures Graylog log management. Take a look into defaults/main.yml to get an overview of all configuration parameters.

graylog-docker - Official Graylog Docker image

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Graylog is a centralized logging solution that allows the user to aggregate and search through logs. It provides a powerful query language, a processing pipeline for data transformation, alerting abilities and much more. It is fully extensible through a REST API. Add-Ons can be downloaded from the Graylog Marketplace. Take a look at the minimal Graylog architecture to get the big picture of a Graylog setup. In essence, Graylog needs to talk to MongoDB to store configuration data as well as Elasticsearch to store the actual log data.

wazuh-docker - Wazuh - Docker containers

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In addition, a docker-compose file is provided to launch the containers mentioned above. It also launches an Elasticsearch container (working as a single-node cluster) using Elastic Stack Docker images. Containers are currently tested on Wazuh version 3.3.0 and Elastic Stack version 6.2.4. We will do our best to keep this repository updated to latest versions of both Wazuh and Elastic Stack.

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