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  •    JQuery

A jQuery plugin that prevents a script from being loaded more than once via $.getScript()

require-sdk - JavaScript library for making sure given SDK is loaded and executed

  •    Javascript

JavaScript library for making sure given SDK is loaded and executed. Designed for popular APIs like Youtube, Rdio, Soundcloud etc.See tests.js for examples.

load-script2 - Dynamic script loading for modern browsers

  •    Javascript

This package only supports browsers that use the standard DOM API, opting to drop non-standard browsers like IE8 and below. It also removes all the options, which aren't needed most of the time.The minfied+gzipped size of load-script2 is 455B, compared to 645B for load-script.

load-script - Dynamic script loading

  •    Javascript

Dynamic script loading. load-script appends a script node to the <head> element in the dom.

vue-script2 - Standardized, designer-friendly <script> behavior for your Single Page App

  •    Javascript

This version is tailored for the Vue.js framework, but it's easy to port to Riot.js and others. VueScript2 is primarily for internal use and not for standalone components that are being shared publicly. Those should be "self-contained" and come with all the JS they need.

preloadfill - A polyfill for the preload link type [rel="preload"]

  •    Javascript

Preload Fill is a polyfill for the preload link type. Visit a CodePen Example of Preload demonstrating asynchronously loaded CSS.

asynz - :tophat: Hipster way of load async scripts in the browser

  •    Javascript

Just a tiny module to load scripts in the browser. It also has support for script attributes and cache. One of the cool things of the async functions, is that you can handle errors like it was synchronous code.

load-script - Load a Javascript file asynchronously.

  •    Javascript

Component which asynchronously loads a JavaScript file by appending a script tag to the DOM. Load in a URL depending on the current protocol.

version.js - Test a different script version with the switch of a query string.

  •    Javascript

Test a different script version with the switch of a query string. Upgrading to a new version of a library or plugin? Use Version.js and quickly toggle between versions without touching your code. Very helpful for comparing that everything works the same.

polymer-weight - :snail: See which component is making the app slow.

  •    Javascript

How deep the table should show. Standalone size of the components. ie. space that can be saved by removing the component.

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