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vue-global-events - Register global events as a component

  •    Javascript

Thanks to Vue’s event modifiers, handling events is extremely easy however, you’re limited to DOM element events. We decided to change that, so now you can register global events (for example application shortcuts) just like you would listen to events on a component. No need to worry about unregistration either. You can toggle the events with a single v-if. Works with SSR too.

dom-handler - W3C DOM handleEvent utility

  •    Javascript

A simple fully cross browser library that could change forever the way you interact with DOM and events. It's completely dependencies free, it's natively fast, and it fits in less than 1KB.

morganfreeman - A simple analytics for icecast servers

  •    Javascript

A server-side statistics tool for icecast server. The server-side collect-and-store engine is a standalone multithread process. A collector thread which polls the icecast server and store informations about listeners, and a http server thread listening at port 9000 which provides main interface and data.

ObjectEventTarget - A same behaviour EventTarget prototype, that can work with any object from JavaScript

  •    Javascript

You know as everybody knows how to use the EventTarget today, because every Node instance (HTML Elements) prototype it. And that's make it awesome. You can prototype your objects with this and you will have support to events. Also it can be used as prototype of a shim to EventTarget in non-modern browsers. Because it's compatible with ES3.

react-final-form-listeners - A collection of components to listen to 🏁 React Final Form fields

  •    Javascript

🏁 React Final Form Listeners is a collection of useful components for listening to fields in a 🏁 React Final Form. The following can be imported from react-final-form-listeners.

react-browser-hooks - React Browser Hooks

  •    Javascript

A simple utility library that provides custom hooks for some common browser events. Sensible defaults are provided to allow each hook to be safely used when rendering on the server.

pro.js - Reactive JavaScript object properties

  •    Javascript

Reactive JavaScript object properties. In other words object oriented implementation of the Reactive paradigm in the programming in Javascript. In human language the reactive idea is the following: if we define sum=a+b and we change 'a' or 'b', 'sum' is automatically calculated. The library can be used to implement fast model layer for a small JS MVC (the reactive nature of pro.js gives you bindings). It can be used for observing changes on properties too. See the 'Examples' section. Pro.js is compatible with all the ECMAScript 5 browsers. For example Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, Apple's Safari, Opera, and the newest IEs - 10 and 11 (Tested with chrome and firefox, will be tested agains the others soon).

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