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ProgressManager - Listen the progress of downloading and uploading in Okhttp (compatible Retrofit and Glide)

  •    Java

ProgressManager a line of code to listen App all the links and upload the progress of the network, including Glide picture loading progress, to achieve the principle of similar EventBus, you can be in anywhere in App, the number of listeners to Url address as an identifier, registered to the framework, when this Url address haves to download or upload the action, the framework will take the initiative to call All listeners registered with this Url address are synchronized to multiple modules.

react-resize-aware - ⇲👁 A simple React component which allows to listen the resize event of itself when it's resized

  •    Javascript

A simple React.js component you can use to make any piece of UI aware of its size.Each time the component' size changes, your component will be notified by one of the methods described below. The size change can be detected by a window resize, a CSS media query, a CSS pseudo selector, a JavaScript action or really, anything.

tk-listen - A library that allows to listen network sockets with proper resource limits and error handling

  •    Rust

A library that allows to listen network sockets with proper resource limits and error handling. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


  •    CoffeeScript

A hook that listens to an amqp queue and forwards messages to the hook.io message bus. Scenario: You have a ruby/java/whatever front end app and want to decouple long running tasks, so you push messages into your amqp queue. Your backend processing is written in node.js, so you create a hook to do your backend work, and then connect amqp to your hook.io bus.

mouse-change - Mouse state change listener

  •    Javascript

Listens for any mouse state changes. Listens for any mouse state changes on the given element.

listenify - Partially applied DOM event listeners

  •    Javascript

Partially applied DOM event listeners. Makes awesome use of partial application.

lplayer - lplayer is a simple audio player for simply listening

  •    Python

Lplayer is a simple audio player for simply listening music or whatever you want. The first time I thinked about lplayer was for listening podcasts. lplayer can set the speed. I normally listen podcasts a 1.8x. So this option was very important for me. But not only. This audio player must have to avoid silences to play podcasts. After I added the option to play several audio format, I thinked that this audio player must include an equalizer, so you can configure the player as you want. Besides, lplayer incorporates some equalizer presets, so it's more easy to configure it.

FDSoundActivatedRecorder - Start recording when the user speaks

  •    Swift

Start recording when the user speaks. All you have to do is tell us when to start listening. Then we wait for an audible noise and start recording. This is mostly useful for user speech input and the "Start talking now prompt". First, install by adding pod 'FDSoundActivatedRecorder', '~> 1.0.0' to your Podfile.

secret-event-listener - Add an event listener without causing any side effects

  •    Javascript

Add an event listener without causing any side effects. Adding an event listener to an emitter object will normally trigger certain side effects. E.g. the newListener event will be emitted for every new listener added. A MaxListenersExceededWarning process warning will be emitted if the emitter reaches is maximum listener count. Or a readable stream will enter flowing mode if a data listener is added.

stream-observer - Listen for data events on a readable stream without triggering flowing mode

  •    Javascript

Listen for data events on a readable stream without triggering flowing mode. Normally a readable stream will start to emit data events (i.e. enter "flowing mode") right after you attach the first data event listener.

pin-my-youtube-video-js - A tiny Electron application, YouTube video player

  •    HTML

This is my very first Electron project, it was inspired by a previous application I made using Autoplay Media Studio (by drag and drop, with no experience in programming), and I called it YouTube tuto helper. A YouTube video player to pin on top of your windows, it could be helpful when trying to follow step-by-step tutorial, or when watching a YouTube live streaming while working or chatting.

andantino - Listen some notes and try to find same notes on the keyboard.

  •    Javascript

Andantino is a game that let's people to know if they are a tone-deaf or not. Users listen some notes and try to find same notes on the keyboard. These repositories used for code and UI inspirations.

keeptune - Google Chrome Extension to download on Bandcamp, Soundcloud...

  •    Javascript

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since my work has been stolen, please make sure you have the correct extension installed here and report any other wrong copy. Bug report and suggestions are welcome on this URL : https://jaymoulin.github.io/keeptune/issues.

httpms - Media server with RESTful API and Web interface. Think of it as your very own Spotify!

  •    Go

It comes with a custom jPlayer which can handle playlists with thousands of songs. Which is an imrovement over the original which never included this performance patch. I feel obliged to say that the music on the screenshot is written and performed by my close friend Velislav Ivanov.

MenuTube - 😱 Catch YouTube into your macOS menu bar!

  •    Javascript

Do you enjoy listening to YouTube's podcasts, audiobooks, interviews or anything else that doesn't require to focus on video? If yes, then MenuTube is for you! Put entire full functional YouTube website into your macOs's menu bar.

pglistend - pglistend - A lightweight PostgreSQL LISTEN Daemon using Node.js/Systemd

  •    Javascript

A lightweight Postgres LISTEN Daemon built on top of node, node-postgres and systemd. It's a very simple yet generic daemon application that could be used in any project that makes use of Postgres' LISTEN/NOTIFY feature.

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