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linkerd - Resilient service mesh for cloud native apps

  •    Scala

Linkerd is a transparent service mesh, designed to make modern applications safe and sane by transparently adding service discovery, load balancing, failure handling, instrumentation, and routing to all inter-service communication.linkerd (pronouned "linker-DEE") acts as a transparent HTTP/gRPC/thrift/etc proxy, and can usually be dropped into existing applications with a minimum of configuration, regardless of what language they're written in. It works with many common protocols and service discovery backends, including scheduled environments like Mesos and Kubernetes.

linkerd-tcp - A TCP/TLS load balancer for the linkerd service mesh.

  •    Rust

A TCP load balancer for the linkerd service mesh.We ❤️ pull requests! See CONTRIBUTING.md for info on contributing changes.

linkerd-examples - Examples of how to configure and run linkerd

  •    Go

This repo contains subdirectories with various examples for how to use linkerd and namerd. Each of the subdirectories is described below.Provides a self-contained docker-compose environment which shows how to use consul as a service discovery back-end with linkerd.

tacho - A Futures-aware metrics library for recording statistics about your running system.

  •    Rust

A Prometheus-focused metrics library for Future-aware Rust applications.Copyright 2017, Buoyant Inc. All rights reserved.

chainpoint-services - A microservices architecture for anchoring hashes to the blockchain at scale.

  •    Javascript

Chainpoint Services is at the Core of the Tierion Network and built as a modern microservices architecture. The services provided are generally composed of Node.js applications running within Alpine Linux Docker containers. These containers, while intended to be run within a full Docker orchestration system such as Kubernetes in production, run well on a single host using Docker Compose. This run method is suitable for development only.

layer5 - A Service Mesh Community - characterizing and contrasting service mesh projects and related technologies

  •    HTML

Layer5.io is a community-maintained repository of information pertaining to the technology ecosystem surrounding service meshes, API gateways, edge proxies, ingress and egress controllers - - microservice management in cloud native environments. See (https://layer5.io/landscape) - a collection of prominent projects and offerings laid out in contrast to one another.

helm-inject - Inject additional configurations during Helm upgrade

  •    Go

This is a Helm plugin which provides the ability to inject additional configuration during Helm release upgrade. It works like helm upgrade, but with a --inject flag. The above will fetch the latest binary release of helm inject and install it.