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likwid - Performance monitoring and benchmarking suite

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Likwid is a simple to install and use toolsuite of command line applications for performance oriented programmers. It works for Intel and AMD processors on the Linux operating system.For further information please take a look at the Wiki.

pylikwid - Python interface for the LIKWID C API (https://github.com/RRZE-HPC/likwid)

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I added a setup.py script for the installation. It builds the C module and copies it to the proper destination.This code simply measures the hardware performance counters for appending 1000000 elements to a list. First the API is initialized with likwid.init() and likwid.threadinit(). Afterwards it creates an empty list, starts the measurements with likwid.startregion("listappend") and executes the appending loop. When the loop has finished, we stop the measurements again using likwid.stopregion("listappend"). Just for the example, we get the values inside our script using likwid.getregion("listappend") and print out the results. Finally, we close the connection to the LIKWID Marker API.

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