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pwmetrics - Progressive web metrics at your fingertipz

  •    TypeScript

CLI tool and lib to gather performance metrics via Lighthouse. IN BETA.

lighthousebot - Run Lighthouse in CI, as a web service, using Docker. Pass/Fail GH pull requests.

  •    Javascript

This repo contains the frontend and backend for running Lighthouse in CI and integration with Github Pull Requests. An example web service is hosted for demo purposes. Note: This repo was previously named "lighthouse-ci".

partytown - Relocate resource intensive third-party scripts off of the main thread and into a web worker

  •    TypeScript

Partytown is a lazy-loaded library to help relocate resource intensive scripts into a web worker, and off of the main thread. Its goal is to help speed up sites by dedicating the main thread to your code, and offloading third-party scripts to a web worker. The philosophy is that the main thread should be dedicated to your code, and any scripts that are not required to be in the critical path should be moved to a web worker. Main thread performance is, without question, more important than web worker thread performance.

lighthouse-ci - Run Lighthouse in CI using Docker

  •    Javascript

This repo contains the frontend and backend for the Lighthouse CI server. Please note: This drop in service is considered Beta. There are no SLAs or uptime guarantees. If you're interested in running your own CI server in a Docker container, check out Running your own CI server.

HNPWA - Hacker News readers as Progressive Web Apps

  •    CSS

Hacker News readers as Progressive Web Apps. A spiritual successor to TodoMVC.See our site or the site/apps directory for the current list of implementations.

vive-diy-position-sensor - Code & schematics for position tracking sensor using HTC Vive's Lighthouse system and a Teensy board

  •    C++

Lighthouse position tracking system consists of:   – two stationary infrared-emitting base stations (we'll use existing HTC Vive setup),   – IR receiving sensor and processing module (this is what we'll create).The base stations are usually placed high in the room corners and "overlook" the room. Each station has an IR LED array and two rotating laser planes, horizontal and vertical. Each cycle, after LED array flash (sync pulse), laser planes sweep the room horizontally/vertically with constant rotation speed. This means that the time between the sync pulse and the laser plane "touching" sensor is proportional to horizontal/vertical angle from base station's center direction. Using this timing information, we can calculate 3d lines from each base station to sensor, the crossing of which yields 3d coordinates of our sensor (see calculation details). Great thing about this approach is that it doesn't depend on light intensity and can be made very precise with cheap hardware.

AutoWebPerf - AutoWebPerf provides a flexible and scalable framework for running web performance audits with arbitrary audit tools including PageSpeedInsights, WebPageTest and more

  •    Javascript

AutoWebPerf provides a flexible and scalable framework for running web performance audits with arbitrary audit tools like WebPageTest and PageSpeedInsights. This library enables developers to collect metrics consistently and store metrics to a preferred data store such as local JSON files, Google Sheets, BigQuery, or an in-house SQL database. Check out https://web.dev/autowebperf for introduction.

lighthouse-security - Runs the default Google Lighthouse tests with additional security tests

  •    Javascript

Runs the default Google Lighthouse tests with additional security tests.Run the command from CLI like displayed below. The options are the same as for the default Lighthouse CLI options.

pwmetrics-helper - šŸŽ© A helper for working with individual Progressive Web App metrics (via Lighthouse)

  •    Javascript

The pwmetrics module exposes the ability to get use performance metrics out of Lighthouse. This includes the ability to perform multiple runs. This module provides a simple API on top of pwmetrics for plucking out values of specific metrics. runs specifies the number of runs of Lighthouse to perform via pwmetrics before a median score is returned. This module generally defaults to 3 runs.

lighthouse-mocha-example - Sample using lighthouse and lighthouse-core with Mocha to run tests on your project/site

  •    Javascript

Using lighthouse and lighthouse-core with Mocha to run tests on your project/site. Indeed you can. See the included .travis.yml to give you a basic idea of how it works or see the screenshot below.

lighthouse-badge - Lighthouse score badge

  •    HTML

Be proud of your Lighthouse score! Display this badge in a Github readme, on your site, in a presentation,...wherever.

lighthouse-batch - Run Lighthouse analysis over multiple sites in a single command

  •    Javascript

Supports executing Lighthouse analysis over a number of sites in sequence and generating a summary report including all of their scores. Scores are calculated from the average score between Performance, PWA, Accessibility and Best Practice and SEO sections. Also writes out the full json report for each site and optionally an html report too.

lighthouse - Lighthouse - a simple service discovery platform for Akka.Cluster (Akka.NET)

  •    F#

Lighthouse is a simple service-discovery tool for Akka.Cluster, designed to make it easier to play nice with PaaS deployments like Azure / Elastic Beanstalk / AppHarbor. See the Topshelf documentation for more info on command line arguments for installing a Topshelf service.

wptide - :ocean: Tide is a series of automated tests run against every WordPress

  •    Go

Tide is an automated tool to provide insight into WordPress code and highlight areas to improve the quality of plugins and themes. We believe the web can be better. With Tide, the code which underpins every website can be more standardized, faster, and more secure. Tide is focused on WordPress, because no other platform has as large an impact on the state of the web. Tide raises the quality of code one plugin or theme at a time, by elevating the importance of code quality in the developer consciousness. Because a rising Tide lifts all boats.

plugin-lighthouse - A simple sitespeed.io lighthouse plugin to collect few performance metrics

  •    Javascript

You can read more about sitespeed.io plugins here. If you have checked out as the same level as sitespeed.io you run it like this (else just change the path).