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functional-javascript-workshop - A functional javascript workshop

  •    Javascript

Many functional programming learning resources will teach you to write functional code, but it's often highly indirect, deeply abstracted, requires understanding complex relationships between custom library calls, and doesn't represent the reality of how people actually write JavaScript.The goal of this workshop is to create realistic problems that can be solved using terse, vanilla, idiomatic JavaScript.

elixirschool - Premier destination to learn and master the Elixir programming language

  •    CSS

Elixir School is the premier destination for people looking to learn and master the Elixir programming language. Lessons can now be viewed at ElixirSchool.com.

waveforms - An interactive, explorable explanation about the peculiar magic of sound waves.

  •    Javascript

This interactive guide introduces and explores waveforms. It covers how to read waveform graphs, goes over the fundamental physics of sound, teaches how it relates to music and harmony, and demonstrates how to build complex tones from simple ones. This guide is aimed at a general audience–no prior knowledge is required.

react-from-zero - A simple (99% ES2015 less) tutorial for React

  •    HTML

Everything runs in the browser without a manual pre-compilation. If you want to run the examples with create-react-app, you have to copy the text/babel script parts of the examples into the src/index.js file of the React app you created and change the renderTargets ID from app to root.

webgl-workshop - :mortar_board: The sequel to shader-school: Learn the WebGL API

  •    Javascript

Learn the basics of WebGL in small, manageable chunks. The sequel to shader-school, created for CampJS IV by Mikola Lysenko and Hugh Kennedy. The script will ask you if you want to create an answer directory, press y to accept. This will populate your current directory with shader files for you to edit for each lesson.

python-novice-inflammation - Software Carpentry introduction to Python for novices using inflammation data

  •    Python

An introduction to Python for non-programmers using inflammation data. We welcome all contributions to improve the lesson! Maintainers will do their best to help you if you have any questions, concerns, or experience any difficulties along the way.

jam3-lesson-module-basics - intro to modular programming for frontend JavaScript

  •    Javascript

This is a brief intro to modules for modern frontend development. It will introduce Node, npm, and browserify. After this guide, you should be equipped to create your first npm module.In this context, "modular" JavaScript refers to a piece of code that operates independently of the applications which surround it. A "module" — sometimes just a single function — is written, tested, and published in isolation, and often a good candidate for re-use across projects.

jam3-lesson-module-creation - introduction to creating a new npm module

  •    Javascript

This is a continuation of the module basics lesson. Here we'll learn to write a new module, work with Node's CommonJS syntax, and publish the code to npm.Once you're comfortable with the process, splitting code into its own module becomes trivial. The benefits of reusability and semantic versioning often outweigh the small upfront cost of creating a new module.

adventure-map - Simple exercise loader & generators for substack/adventure.

  •    Javascript

Tools with sensible defaults for guiding the creation of new adventure workshops.I normally hate code generators so I've tried to make the code generation only spit out the most unopinionated code that you probably would have written anyway. All generated code is extremely simple and makes minimal assumptions. You can safely and easily modify the generated code to work however you wish.

swcarpentry - A meta-repository to help navigate the many lessons and repos of the Software Carpentry Community


This is a meta repository to help navigate the numerous repositories and lessons of the Software Carpentry community on GitHub. Software Carpentry is a community of volunteer instructors who teach short workshops and develop lessons which empower researchers of all disciplines to learn about and improve the ways in which they create software and collaborate.

planetproto - Understanding JavaScript Prototypes - Workshop

  •    Javascript

The goal of this workshop is to help you understand the object model in Javascript by learning how prototypes work. Most guides / tutorials start explaining JavaScript objects by going directly to ‘constructor functions’, this workshop is different, it starts simple by explaining prototype chains and building from there.

re-learn - A library for integrating tutorials into your re-frame/reagent application

  •    Clojure

Data-driven tutorials for reagent components with no changes required to your dom. Live demo at https://oliyh.github.io/re-learn/.

eosio-card-game-repo - The Elemental Battles Tutorial is divided into easy to follow lessons that take you through the process of creating your own fully-functional blockchain-based dApp


The Elemental Battles Tutorial is divided into easy to follow lessons that take you through the process of creating your own fully-functional blockchain-based dApp. Each lesson will introduce new concepts and showcase how to include them in the existing code. Additionally, we will display explanations and source code side-by-side to make following the tutorial easy.

java-kata-1 - Coding kata for Java aimed to improve your development skills in continues sessions.

  •    Shell

Code kata in Java where you have to write a library of books and magazines. A code kata is an exercise in programming which helps a programmer hone their skills through practice and repetition.

docker-workshop - Getting started with Docker


The purpose of this workshop is to help people getting started with Docker. There are a few lessons in this repository which will teach you different concepts in Docker.

applied-reinforcement-learning - Reinforcement Learning and Decision Making tutorials explained at an intuitive level and with Jupyter Notebooks

  •    Jupyter

I've been studying reinforcement learning and decision-making for a couple of years now. One of the most difficult things that I've encountered is not necessarily related to the concepts but how these concepts have been explained. To me, learning occurs when one is able to make a connection with the concepts being taught. For this, often an intuitive explanation is required, and likely a hands-on approach helps build that kind of understanding. My goal for this repository is to create, with the community, a resource that would help newcomers understand reinforcement learning in an intuitive way. Consider what you see here my initial attempt to teach some of these concepts as plain and simple as I can possibly explain them.

libSDL2pp-tutorial - Tutorial for libSDL2pp, C++11 bindings/wrapper for SDL2

  •    C++

Here's tutorial for libSDL2pp, C++11 bindings/wrapper for SDL2. It covers core functionality of the library, including initialization and window construction, loading image files, sprite and text rendering, animation, and event handling trying to demonstate library features in as little code as possible. The tutorial is split into lessons, which demonstrate gradual development of a simple application resembling a platformer game.